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  • 【セリアでハンドメイド!簡単ハニカムインテリアの作り方】


    [Handmade in Ceria! How to make a simple honeycomb interior]

    Introducing Honeycomb Intelli that can be easily made with only 880 yen items that can be purchased at Ceria! A stylish interior is completed in 15 minutes!

  • 【2022年版】三大ハンドメイドマーケット(minne、Creema、iichi)を徹底比較!


    [Thorough comparison of minne, creema, and iichi! ]

    I want to start a favorite handmade, but I don't know where to sell. 。 。 Such
    In this article, we will tell you the characteristics of the handmade market to beginners!



Even "I want to start a handmade", "I don't know what to start."

We and the couple started from such a state.
I like making works, but "I don't know where to sell" "What is NG?"
"Because it is a private house, should I do an online shop until I take the risk of knowing my address and phone?"
There are a lot of things that you have to check. 。 。

A few years later, what I have learned has increased, so
This site "Handmade Park" has been released as a summary.

First of all, a site that will be the first step for those who want to be a handmade writer.
I will do my best to aim.

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  • If you sell works, first MINNE!

    Registration is required because it is an overwhelming number of users!

  • Free and high design

    If you want to make your own shop, Base!

  • Lessed settlement fee

    If you want to make your own shop, Stores

  • A must -see for those who want to sell online safely!
    You can borrow a phone number so safer!