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Flower maru
Flower maru
Flower maru
Flower maru
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Flower maru
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Flower maru
Flower maru

Flower lease writer

Flower maru

  • アーティフィシャルフラワー
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  • プレゼントに最適
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The person who received it
Happiness will last forever
With a wish ...

MARU is a writer who makes leasing using artificial flowers (artifical flower).
The shop name "Hana MARU" was given a wish to connect a lot of leases, harmony, and various people! It's nice😊

The work isroundThere were wonderful works such as leasing like crescent moon, and rope leasing, so it was a lineup that can be enjoyed other than Christmas.😍

High quality artificial flower like fresh flowers
The color scheme is white, yellow, pink, orange, green, etc., and it is very fascinating because it is designed with decorative items.💐

In addition, Hana MARU is a talented writer who has been published in the special feature of MINNE.💕
Looking at the Minne's review, many voices were satisfied.

It arrived today❣️ I was impressed by the nice packing and the cute items✨ My favorite mimosa✖️ I'm very happy that the room has become gorgeous in the moon flower arrangement.💓 I'm really thankful to you☺️💐

Thank you for a very nice lease this time♡I am very grateful to see it on Twitter and fell in love at first sight, and after listening to the colors and atmosphere of it.
And I bought two of the crescent moon too cute.🌙
Because it is my brand name, it's cute that I just want to collect ...♡!
Raw flowers will die, but I'm glad that you can decorate with this cuteness all the time*°.
The inside of the house has become gorgeous at once (*'꒳`*) I'm looking forward to seeing a new wreath again*°
Thank you for your wonderful work this time♡

Hana MARU is carefully and carefully produced, not only at the level of the work, but also with a wish, "With the wish to continue the happiness of the person who received it."

I felt that the thoughts were transmitted to the customer, which led to repeat purchases and purchases as gifts for important people.💖

Please see the nice sites and SNS of Hana Maru below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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