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M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...
M.S & Felice ...

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M.S & Felice ...

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Happiness for everyone you wear

M.S & FELICE ... is a writer who uses a variety of materials such as mat buttons, beads, glass balls, feather, and flower.

Even if you look at the work, there are only works that you can not see elsewhere, and it is a gorgeousness that you can enjoy just by looking at it.😊

M.S & FELICE ..., of course, is not only the charm of the work itself, but is also focusing on earrings that take into account metal allergies.😍

Minne's review also received the politeness of the work and a thank -you by the metal allergic constitution.

It was a product full of gratitude because the products were very carefully wrapped and I felt that I wanted to use it very carefully. I want to use it carefully.
It was a shop that I wanted to use again if I had the opportunity.
I would like to tell you about the products, etc., and I would like to use them very much.
I am very satisfied! thank you very much.

The construction is solid, the design is cute and I am very satisfied. thank you very much.
I am a metal allergy constitution, but this titanium post was fine.

Also, not just the webHandmade bookletHe is also a handmade writer who has the ability and personality that is also posted.💕

See below for M.S & Felice ...'s wonderful sites and SNS.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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