About Building This SiteAbout the construction of this site

This site is built by customizing a service called SHOPIFY.
We chose SHOPIFY, which is the best way to build the security of the security, the degree of design, the speed of the server, and the running cost.
See below for details on the environment such as SHOPIFY security servers.

Acquired the level 1 of the world recognized security environment "PCI DSS"

The above is the world standard in the credit card industry, which is set to handle your credit card information safely.

There are various strict requirements for acquisition, but SHOPIFY has acquired PCI DSS level 1.
The acquisition of level 1 has been acquired only in the country in Japan, and has a strong security like a financial institution.

In addition, even if security defects and bugs are discovered, white hackers around the world are also reported and worked on recovery work, and monitoring, reporting, and recovery are other EC services. Compared, it is a generous environment.

Super high -speed server & stable environment with 99.8%operating rate

The next important thing in the operation of the site is the stable operation of the server.
Server down is because it greatly reduces user trust.
The SHOPIFY server is 99.8%of the occupancy rate. We are also monitoring the server with a 24 -hour system 365 days a year.

In addition, even if access is rapidly increased, such as on TV broadcasting, it will usually slow down if it is normal, and it often goes down afterwards, but in the case of SHOPIFY, the store will go down even if access is flooded. The possibilities are very low, and 100,000 people have not fallen even if they access at the same time.
SHOPIFY is the best service that does not miss risks and business opportunities, with a very low risk of going down even if it is featured in media and SNS.