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mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori
mon favori

Earring piercing writer

mon favori

  • アクセサリー
  • イヤリング
  • インド刺繍
  • ジルコニア
  • パール
  • ビーズ
  • ピアス
  • プレゼントに最適
  • 天然石

The warmth of manual work
Gorgeously on everyday life

MON Favori is a writer who uses natural stone, freshwater pearl, beads, zirconia, etc. to make warm adult cute accessories.

The work was not only a simple one with accents, but also a variety of variations to sparkling accessories using plenty of bijoux.😊

Mon favori is "my favorite" in French

By acquiring your favorite accessories, the works based on the concept of "so that everyday life makes you feel gorgeous and you feel better."💖

A joy was sent to MINNE's reviews that I wanted to wear it carefully.

It was a beautiful and very cute earring🍀 Immediately from weddings and important outfits to everyday life, I will take care of them! thank you😊

It is a glittering and beautiful earrings. It is an elegant design that has a presence but does not disturb, so you can easily wear it! Thank you for your wonderful work.

In addition, an unusual arrangement pierced earrings called Indian embroidery ribbon x Mino ware tile, and it has an outstanding functionality that it can be dressed up.💕

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