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Nakatoshi Sangyo's plastic bins are wonderful!

We thoroughly introduce the charm of plastic bans by Nakatoshi Sangyo, which are often seen in 100-yen stores!

Nakatoshi Sangyo's plastic bobbins are wonderful!

Hello! I'm Kanahina.☆

I am a handmade artist who has been making plastic bobbins for more than 15 years, and I have been using plastic bobbins made by "Nakatoshi Sangyo" for a long time because they are inexpensive yet precise.

There are many kinds of plastic bobbins on the market, so some people wonder which one is the best. Some people wonder which one is the best.
This time, we have written an article about the advantages of Nakatoshi Sangyo's plastic bobbins for such people.

You can find them at 100-yen stores such as Seria (Seria) and on Amazon, so I am sure many of you have seen them before!

Let us introduce what kind of company "Nakatoshi Sangyo" is, the kinds of plastic bans they make, and which ones are the best!

What kind of company is Nakatoshi Sangyo?

What kind of company is Nakatoshi Sangyo?

Company Profile: Introduction of Nakatoshi Sangyo

For more than 60 years since its establishment in 1961, as an importer and wholesaler of stationery and miscellaneous goods, the company seems to have continued to provide high-quality, valuable products to 100-yen stores all over Japan! Amazing, isn't it?😊

On the official websiteWEB Catalogbut it was full of easy items that enrich our lives!

Product Development: Innovative Efforts

It seems that Nakatoshi Sangyo directly imports stationery and sundries manufactured in its contract factory in China and supplies them to the Japanese market.

You have been jointly developing products with your main customers and creating innovative products that meet the needs of the market. This approach makes me feel that you are not just a wholesaler, but a partner that continues to grow together with your customers by sharing ideas!

Popular products: Plastic bins, a favorite among handmade enthusiasts

Products for handmade lovers, such as plastic bans, are especially popular and can be purchased not only at 100-yen stores, but also on Amazon.

Despite the products being reasonably priced, they can be made in a stable form, which I think is why there are so many repeat customers.

When I make accessories and other items with plastic bobbins, I buy a lot of them in bulk from Amazon!✨

Future Outlook: Market Expansion and Technological Innovation

We feel that Nakatoshi Sangyo offers products that are fresh and attractive, as well as orthodox and easy to use, with the aim of market expansion and technological innovation.

As a handmade artist, I am very grateful to Nakatoshi Sangyo because they offer products that can be easily purchased at 100-yen, but that are of good quality and can be used for a long time.💖

I didn't know much about the makers of plastic bobbins, so I looked them up on the Internet to the extent that I could find out this time!

I'm glad I did my research and found out about Nakatoshi Sangyo because I've always been indebted to their products.
I hope they continue to produce good, reasonably priced plastic bans!😊

What kind of plastic bans do you have out there?

As of April 2024, Nakatoshi Sangyo had 10 different plastic bans on the market.

They can be roughly divided into the following categories

■ Colors: "transparent," "translucent," "white," and "luminous type
Printing type: Normal, inkjet
Surface type: "Non-silicon type", "Frosted type
■Size: "A4", "B4", "B5", "B6", "230mm x 330mm", "Postcard
■Thickness: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm

Classification: "0.2mm," "0.3mm," "0.4mm
You can see the details on the official website.

I will explain the contents.

There are three main types of "color": completely transparent, translucent, and white.
There was also one type, the luminous type, which glows at night.

I think it is good to judge whether or not you want to make the plastic banner transparent, but it is also good to buy three types at first to see the difference after baking.

The "printing type" is usually divided into those that are hand-drawn with colored pencils or markers and those that are printed from an inkjet printer.
I would suggest that you choose inkjet when printing from digital data from a computer.

Surface type" is,
■Non-silicon type
The surface is smooth and suitable for markers such as oil-based magic markers. Colors ride well and ink does not bleed through easily.

Frosted type
This type has a rough surface and can be colored with colored pencils or pastels, which makes it easy to add a handwritten taste!

Size" is, as the name implies, the size of a plastic bag.

There are three types of thickness.
I use 0.3mm for large and strong pieces such as key chains, and 0.2mm for small and light pieces such as earrings. 0.4mm is not often used, but I think it is good to use it when you want strength.

Please take a look at the article comparing plastic baking.

100-yen plastic baking related articles

Amazon is the best place to buy Nakatoshi Sangyo's plastic bans online!

I often buy them from Amazon because they are cheaper than 100s of 100s of 100s of 100s in a pack of 10. They arrive quickly, and if you are a member of Amazon Prime, shipping is often free.

Click below to take a look if you like!😊


In this issue, we introduced Nakatoshi Sangyo's company information, variations of plastic banners, and where you can buy them.

Nakatoshi Sangyo's plastic banners are reasonably priced but easy to use.
As a handmade craftsman for more than 15 years, Kanahina has been a long-time customer of Nakatoshi Sangyo.

If you are a newcomer to plastic baking, please give them a try! If you are a beginner, please give them a try!♡


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