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100-yen plastic bans: Comparison of plastic bans from Daiso, Celia, and Candu!

Which plastic bans should I buy?

Hi, I'm Kanahina! I'm Kanahina.☆
This time I would like to write about how to choose plastic bans.

Plastic baking is easy for anyone to start. It doesn't require any special tools, and is a great handmade item for handmade beginners and for parents who want to enjoy something with their children.
Moreover, plastic bans can be easily obtained at 100-yen stores!
But that's why I wonder which plastic bobbins are better? What is the difference? I think there are many people who wonder.

I have been to many stores near my house, such as Daiso (DAISO), Celia (Seria), Can★Do), all of which are 100-yen stores near my house.

DAISO and CanDo had them in the stationery and toys area, and Seria had them in the handmade materials area. (This may vary from store to store. If you have trouble finding them, please ask the store staff.♪)

Now, we would like to compare the plastic bobbins available at Daiso, Celia, and Cando.

Plastic bins found at Daiso

At Daiso, in addition to 0.2mm and 0.3mm transparent plastic bobbins, we also found colored plastic bobbins such as black and gold.
The colored plastic bobbins were found at a large store, but not at a regular Daiso near our house, so it seems to vary from store to store.

Gold is difficult to color by yourself, so if you use it well, you can make cute works!

Dyson Pravin Package

Plastic bins found at Celia

In addition to transparent plastic bobbins, Celia also had a frosted type that has a rough surface on one side and can be colored with colored pencils or pastels.
I personally like the frosted type and use it when I ask my children to draw pictures.♡
Even if you don't feel comfortable giving oil-based pencils to your child, you can use colored pencils.

Celia plastic ban package

Amazon is the best place to buy plastic bobbins online!

I often buy them from Amazon because a pack of 10 is sometimes cheaper than a hundred bucks. They arrive quickly, and if you are on Amazon Prime, shipping is often free.

Click below to take a look if you like!😊

We also found a plastic banner kit supervised by Saori Shibasan at Celia.
It allows you to make three-dimensional plastic bunnies such as tulips and butterflies, and since the plastic bunnies are cut, it is just right for your first three-dimensional plastic bunnies!
You can add your own favorite colors!♪

Plastic Bang (by Saori Shibasan)

Plastic bins found at Candu

In addition to the 0.2mm transparent ones, there were also black plastic bobbins at Candu.
The Kandoo I visited this time did not have many kinds of plastic bobbins, but they used to have more kinds of plastic bobbins, so they may have been out of stock.
I was able to find the same "Saori Shibasaki" plastic bobbins at Kandoo as at Celia.

Cando Plastic Ban Package

Size comparison

This time, we compared 8 plastic baking sheets purchased at 3 stores.
The plastic bans were cut into 3 cm in diameter and baked in a toaster at the same temperature.

The state before baking is as follows.

Plastic Bang (before baking)

The result is...

Plastic Bang (after baking)

There doesn't seem to be much difference in the finished product, but I have the impression that Daiso's colored and Celia's 0.3mm remain relatively clean and circular.
The 0.2mm plastic bobbins were a little distorted in shape.
By the way, the difference in thickness between 0.2mm and 0.3mm plastic bits after baking is like this.

Thickness of plastic baking pan (difference between 0.2mm and 0.3mm)

It looks not so different in the picture, but when you touch it, 0.3mm seems to be more solid.

I use 0.3mm for larger and stronger pieces such as key chains, and 0.2mm for smaller and lighter pieces such as earrings.


This time, I used the following materials sold at 100-yen stores.3How did you like them?

There are many types of plastic bans, such as transparent, colored, frosted, etc., as well as thickness, so you can use different types depending on the work you want to make.

If you are interested in making three-dimensional accessories, it might be a good idea to start with a kit like Ms. Saori Shibasaki's.
I was able to find plastic bobbins at all 100-yen stores this time!
I am glad that I can easily start making them whenever I feel like it.

We hope you will start a fun handmade life!♡

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Please also take a look at the other articles on how to bake plastic bans and temperatures, as well as the sequel to this article!

Also, if you like, you can take a look at the plastic baking works we made.

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