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Searching for the manga "Slam Dunk" on raw (Lowe), Manga Bank or Manga Mate is very dangerous.

Do not search for manga bank, manga bank, raw, mangaraw, manga raw, manga mate, Manga Koma, manga1000, or manga name + zip!

Hello! I'm Kana Hina.😊

I've written this article because there are so many people trying to read the manga "Slam Dunk" on illegal sites for free, such as manga bank, manga bank, raw, mangaraw, manga raw. There are also quite a few people trying to read the latest raw, mangaraw raw, or searching for individual volumes or mangaraw battles.

I looked at NHK's website and it stated that the "free reading" was 1.19 trillion yen, even if only the "manga BANK" seizure is calculated.

Click here to see the relevant page.

Recently, even after the "Manga BANK" was exposed, several similar illegal sites have appeared, and some people seem to be uploading their contents on Youtube, which is really worrisome.

We may not be able to stop illegal sites, but we are writing this article in the hope that we can reduce the number of people reading from illegal sites.

Why it is very dangerous to search for manga "Slam Dunk" on raw or zip

Searching for manga in raw or zip is very dangerous!

Many people search for keywords such as "raw" or "zip" when trying to read manga on the Internet, but this is really dangerous.

Below I will write about the dangers and legal issues involved.

Reason 1: Danger of viruses and malware

Downloading manga files from unofficial Slam Dunk a very high risk of infection with viruses and malware.

Many of these files are unauthorized scans of legitimate publications, and the sites that offer them have inadequate security measures.
Simply opening a downloaded file can install malicious software on your computer or smartphone, which can result in identity theft or file corruption.

Buying a comic book is certainly expensive, but if your personal information or important data on your computer or smartphone is leaked, that would be a big problem, wouldn't it?
We recommend that you definitely do not do this.

The thought of photos, videos, login information for various websites, etc. being leaked would scare me away!😣

Reason #2: Copyright infringement and legal risk

Downloading comics through "raw" or "zip" files is almost always a violation of copyright laws.

Cartoons are creative works and their authors and publishers have legally protected copyrights.

These copyrights prohibit the work from being copied or distributed without permission. Unauthorized downloading of cartoons violates the rights of the authors and deprives them of their income.

In addition, copyright infringement can result in criminal penalties and civil action, which may result in fines and lawsuits.

Don't wait until it is too late to pay back the fines you have spent a lifetime earning.

Reason #3: Ethical Considerations

Buying or viewing comics and other creative content through the appropriate channels is an act of direct support for the creator.

Only through legitimate purchases can revenue be returned to the author or publisher, so don't do anything illegal.
If you do not support the creators, you may be in danger of losing your comic book business and one day not being able to read it.

I am also in the business of making things, and if I can copy things for free, I will lose my business.

Manga is an important industry that Japan can compete with the rest of the world, so if people try to read manga illegally and for free, there is a good chance that the authors and publishers will not be able to make a living, and the Japanese living in Japan will ultimately suffer greatly.

The manga "Slam Dunk" is famous, but there is no e-book available!

Slam Dunk" is a very popular manga by Mr. Takehiko Inoue, and it has a large fan base.
However, it has not been digitized, and those that are available online in electronic form are most likely illegal sites.
So the only way to get it is to buy the paper book at the moment. If you are considering purchasing the book, please consider the following sites for a better price than buying it new😊

If you want to buy paper books at low prices

Check out our campaigns

Many online stores, such as Amazon, Rakuten Books, and TSUTAYA Online, run campaigns on a regular basis.
Often they offer point reductions or discount coupons, so be sure to check before you buy.

Never miss out on sale information.

It is very economical to purchase during times of major sales, especially during the year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and the summer bonus season.
Information on limited-time sales can be found on the top page of each site or in the mail magazine.

Take advantage of member benefits

By becoming a member of a particular site, you can take advantage of exclusive sales and point-up days.
For example, Amazon Prime and Rakuten Premium memberships may offer even better prices.

Take advantage of the used market.

Used markets such as Mercari and Book-Off Online are another way to get "Slam Dunk" in clean condition at a discount.
If you don't mind a new one, you may want to check it out!

Click on the image below for the Slam Dunk SLAM DUNK Newly Reorganized Edition (20 volumes)!

December 3, 2022! THE FIRST SLAM DUNK movie will be released!
[New Reissue] All volume cover illustrations are newly drawn by the author, Mr. Takehiko Inoue!
Reorganized] You will immediately receive the complete set of comics, reorganized from the existing 31 volumes of Jump Comics into the "Newly Reorganized" 20-volume set!


Finally, I'll briefly summarize the article that it is very dangerous to search for the manga "Slam Dunk" on raw (raw) or zip!

■ Stop searching for manga bank, manga bank, raw, mangaraw, manga raw, manga mate, Manga Koma, manga1000, manga name + zip
Illegal sites have a high risk of viruses and malware.
■ Illegal sites put you at risk for copyright infringement and legal risks
■Japanese manga should be protected from ethical perspectives
■If you want to buy all volumes of Slam Dunk at a discount, is the place to go!

How was it?
Please consider the copyright infringement, legal risk, and ethical aspects of your purchase 🥺, and don't limit yourself to "Slam Dunk" only.

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