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Searching for the manga "Jutsu Kaisen" on raw, Manga Bank, Manga Mate or Manga Koma is very dangerous.

Searching for the manga "Jujutsu Kaisen" on raw, Manga Bank, Manga Mate or Manga Koma is very dangerous!

Do not search for manga bank, manga bank, raw, mangaraw, manga raw, Manga Koma, manga 1000 or manga name + zip!

Hello! I'm Kana Hina.😊

This time, I wrote this article because it seems that there are so many people trying to read the manga "Jujutsu Kaisen" on illegal sites for free, such as mangabank, manga bank, raw, mangaraw, manga raw, etc. 248 raw, 249 raw, the latest edition raw, the latest story raw, or searching for individual volumes or single stories. raw, the latest issue raw, the latest episode raw, etc.

I looked at NHK's website, and it stated that the "free reading" was 1.19 trillion yen, even if only the "manga BANK" seizure was calculated.

Click here for the relevant page.

Recently, even after the "Manga BANK" was exposed, several similar illegal sites have appeared, and some people seem to be uploading their contents on Youtube, which is really worrisome.

We may not be able to stop illegal sites, but we are writing this article in the hope that we can reduce the number of people reading from illegal sites.

Why it is very dangerous to search for manga "Jutsu Kaisen" on raw or zip.

It is very dangerous to search manga in raw or zip

Many people search for keywords such as "raw" or "zip" when trying to read manga on the Internet, but this is really dangerous.

Below I will write about the dangers and legal issues involved.

Reason 1: Danger of viruses and malware

Downloading manga files from unofficial websites of Jutsu at a very high risk of infection with viruses and malware.

Many of these files are unauthorized scans of legitimate publications, and the sites that offer them have inadequate security measures.
Simply opening a downloaded file can install malicious software on your computer or smartphone, which can result in identity theft or file corruption.

Buying a comic book is certainly expensive, but if your personal information or important data on your computer or smartphone is leaked, that would be a big problem, wouldn't it?
We recommend that you definitely do not do this.

The thought of photos, videos, login information for various websites, etc. being leaked would scare me away!😣

Reason #2: Copyright infringement and legal risk

Downloading comics through "raw" or "zip" files is almost always a violation of copyright laws.

Cartoons are creative works and their authors and publishers have legally protected copyrights.

These copyrights prohibit the work from being copied or distributed without permission. Unauthorized downloading of cartoons violates the rights of the authors and deprives them of their income.

In addition, copyright infringement can result in criminal penalties and civil action, which may result in fines and lawsuits.

Don't wait until it is too late to pay back the fines you have spent a lifetime earning.

Reason #3: Ethical Considerations

Buying or viewing comics and other creative content through the appropriate channels is an act of direct support for the creator.

Only through legitimate purchases can revenue be returned to the author or publisher, so don't do anything illegal.
If you do not support the creators, you may be in danger of losing your comic book business and one day not being able to read it.

I am also in the business of making things, and if I can copy things for free, I will lose my business.

Manga is an important industry that Japan can compete with the rest of the world, so if people try to read manga illegally and for free, there is a good chance that the authors and publishers will not be able to make a living, and the Japanese living in Japan will ultimately suffer greatly.

I am of course in favor of reading manga on sites published by Japanese companies, where you can legally read them for free.
After that, I sincerely hope that you will pay a price to see what you cannot read.

The manga "Jutsu Kaisen" is well-known and can be purchased on almost any website!

The manga "Jujutsu Kaisen" is a very popular manga by Akutomi Geshi and has a large fan base.
As such, it is easily available at various online stores and brick-and-mortar stores.
If you are considering purchasing the manga, the following points will help you save money.

Key Points for Buying at a Discount

Check out our campaigns

Many online stores, such as Amazon, Rakuten Books, and TSUTAYA Online, run campaigns on a regular basis.
Often they offer point reductions or discount coupons, so be sure to check before you buy.

Never miss out on sale information.

It is very profitable to purchase during times of major sales, especially during the year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and the summer bonus season.
Information on limited-time sales can be found on the top page of each site or in the mail magazine.

Take advantage of member benefits

By becoming a member of a particular site, you can take advantage of exclusive sales and point-up days.
For example, Amazon Prime and Rakuten Premium memberships may offer even better prices.

Take advantage of the used market.

Used markets such as Mercari and Book-Off Online are another way to get "Jutsu Kaisen" in clean condition at a discount.
If you do not mind buying new, it is a good idea to check them out!

How can I buy the manga "Jujutsu Kaisen" in e-book format for only 5,000 yen?

I've done some research on my end on how to buy it at a lower price, and I'll try to describe the specific method below!😊

If you want to buy the whole volume at a low price! you can choose ebookJapan!

You can buy them at a very low price, but only if you register as a new user and use the first coupon!

The ebookJapan first coupon can be used a total of 6 times, and a discount of up to 2,000 yen per purchase will be applied!

And since it works best with PayPay, those who use PayPay on a regular basis will be able to save a lot of money!

You can also save a great deal on "Jujutsu Kaisen" which costs about 12,207 yen if you buy all 26 volumes in 6 installments with the coupon!

  • The first use of the coupon will cost you about 1,200 yen, so
    If you use the coupon 6 times, the total price is 1,200 yen x 6 times = 7,200 yen (tax included)

    In addition, every week Comic Weekend" event held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundaysand even more if you make a purchase using PayPay,up to 30% back in PayPay points! With the above, you will get about 2,000 yen worth of points at a later date, so it's actually around 5,000 yen, which is a pretty good deal!

    Please note that the above is an estimate as of June 8, 2024, and may change due to changes in ebookJapan's specifications.

We have compiled a list of sites where you can buy ebooks at the best price!

If you have already registered for both ebookJapan and DMM Books and do not have a coupon, please consider the following sites.
All of these sites offer special deals, especially for the first time, and some of them will also allow you to use your "points" that you normally use, so you should be able to get a good deal if you use those points!

I'm sure many of you have a lot of Rakuten points, Amazon points, and D-points saved up!😊

Service Name Points Campaign
ebookJapan ebookJapan is one of the largest ebook retailers in Japan, handling over 800,000 ebooks, mainly manga.
There are always over 2,800 free manga available!
70% OFF
(6 copies available)
DMM Books One of the largest selection in Japan! 90% off coupon for first-time buyers only! 90% OFF
(Maximum amount 2,000 yen)
Book Live (BookLive) Book Live is one of the largest and most comprehensive e-book stores in Japan.
With a selection of over 1 million books, it offers a wide variety of popular & topical works!
There are lots of deals every day, including coupon gatherers and very cheap sales!
70% OFF!
(up to 1 book)
Kindle Store Kindle Store operated by Amazon.
With Kindle unlimited, you can read more than 2 million books!
If you have Amazon points, this is the place to buy!
70% OFF
(Maximum amount 3,000 yen)

Only for products with coupon discount
Manga Kingdom No.1 in Value! More than 10,000 free manga and e-comics! Up to 50% discount
Comic Seymour TV Commercials] Too many manga! One of the largest in the industry!
Free and SALE deals every day! Read Manga and eBooks on Comic Seymour (cmoa)!
70% OFF!
(Only one work is eligible)
Renta! Not only purchase, but also "rent" is available for those who want to read with less amount of money!
You can read some works from as low as 110 yen (tax included), so you have plenty of chances to encounter a lot of works.
There is a rank system.
D Books docomo's d-points are available! Quite beneficial for those who have a lot of d-points!
Monthly d-book days (10th, 20th, and 30th) offer 20% back in d-points!
70% OFF!
(Only one book is eligible for this offer)
Rakuten Kobo eBook Store For first time customers only! Entry & 70x points for first purchase campaign is underway!
I buy quite a bit here because I can use Rakuten points!
Up to 70x points back!
(Maximum amount 2,000 yen)


Finally, I will briefly summarize the article that it is very dangerous to search for the manga "Jujutsu Kaisen" in raw or zip!

■ Stop searching for manga bank, manga bank, raw, mangaraw, manga raw, manga name + zip
■ Illegal sites are at high risk of viruses and malware.
Illegal sites put you at risk for copyright infringement and legal risks.
■Japanese manga should be protected from ethical perspectives
■If you want to buy all volumes of Jujutsu Kaisen at a low price, about 5,000 yen in effect! you should choose EBOOK JAPAN!
How was it?
Please consider the copyright infringement, legal risk, and ethics before you purchase the book.

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