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To the adult shine when you were young

moneto is a resin artist who has moved into the resin clay accessory genre.

She creates with the wonderful concept, "If I could cherish the sparkling feelings I had when I was a child, even as an adult..."!💕

Her resin clay accessories are also very high quality, just like her resin works, and are based on soft colors and cute flowers!🌼

The photos are also excellent in the way they are posted, with both the fantastic backgrounds and the functional ones kept in check, which makes me feel very secure when purchasing!

The quality of the work is also very impressive, but the text on the sales page not only appeals to the concept, but is also very kindly written with the customer in mind, such as what season it is suitable for, how strong the accessories are, what parts are used, and so on.

They put a lot of effort into the message they deliver so that customers can use the work they put their hearts and souls into with the utmost confidence.
This is a perfect example of an accessory artist, and I respect it very much!💖

Looking at the reviews on minne, I received many rave reviews not only for moneto's work, but also for her personality!😊

The things are so delicate and cute that I immediately fell in love with them!😊😊😊Thank you so much for the fast shipping!😊😊😊Thank you so much!😆😆😆 I am also looking out for your resin clay works, keep up the good work 🥰🥰🥰🥰.

I safely picked up my pinky-size double cherry blossom earrings and moist navy swaying flower earrings today 🤗 Both are lovely, lovely flowers!🌸💠 I love moneto's work the most!💕 I will take good care of them!👍Thank you very much!🙇‍💕 Please keep up the good work!👍️

I was attracted to moneto's work and her personality through the X present project, so I ordered a beautiful hair clip with a puddle motif this time!😊 The sparkling orange and white flowers scattered on the transparent surface of the water are elegant and beautiful in their loveliness 𑁍𓏸𓈒 𓂃 The Christmas-like packaging is also very careful and cute, I could feel moneto's attention to detail!🍀 I will buy from you again 🧡.

Please visit moneto's wonderful website and social networking sites below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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