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Light color and line skills
The beauty of light

Pure*Wire is a writer who makes accessories with titanium wires, minerals, and glass.

The beauty that comes by light stands out, and the supreme works that are enchanted over and over again are lined up.😊

The level of the work is very high, but the way of taking photos is very good, the focus comes to the main jewelry, and the background is blurred, so it is a very high quality world view. Is created😍

MINNE's favorite works are also talented artists who have exceeded 14,000 as of January 2023.💕

Looking at the reviews of Minne, many voices were full of satisfaction, such as "excitement" and "more than imagination".

I bought it for the first time this time with my favorite Uranglass work.
It was my first time to have titanium accessories, but I am impressed with the delicate but durable, light and beautiful necklace.
I'm really thankful to you. I will peek again.

The moon and star pendant for yourself.
We welcomed Mos Aquarched Rokuhana of Moss Aquarmer for gifts.😌🎁 In the moon and star pendant, the blue bridge shines under the moon, and the comparison between the loose of synthetic sapphire and the color was wonderful.✨
I'm looking forward to what kind of reaction will come back because I haven't passed the dull color Rokka yet!
Thank you for your wonderful work this time.😄

What is even more surprising is that Pure*Wire is a handmade, "handmade up to parts such as fasteners and chains."

Such a commitment, the high level of the work, the technique of shooting, etc. are all attractive, so I'm really looking forward to seeing what works next.💖

Please see Pure*Wire's wonderful sites and SNS below.

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Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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