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Under 1,000 yen! Christmas tree decorated by 3coins and Daiso!

Make a simple but nice Christmas tree with 3coins and Daiso!


Hello, I'm Kanahina! I'm Kanahina!😄

It's November and it's getting colder and colder. Halloween is over and it is now all about Christmas.

Cute Christmas trees are everywhere in town.🌲Christmas trees are everywhere in town.
I want to decorate a Christmas tree!

But there is no place to put a big tree... For those of you who don't have a place to put a big tree, we'd like to introduce a cute tree that can be made for less than 1,000 yen!✨

Where to buy a Christmas tree?

This time, we purchased the tree itself from3coins!

The Christmas tree comes in one color, ivory, and is 50 cm long.
It is just the right size, with a sense of presence but not overbearing!💖
And it is priced at only 550 yen!

And the white tree is cute!
First, take it out of the box and spread out the branches. This process is easy, but I think it is the most important.
We look at it from various angles and adjust it so that it looks beautiful.

3coins Christmas tree

Careful attention to this step will give volume to the tree!✨
This tree had two kinds of branches.

I saw a tree at francfranc that was very cute with sparkling branches, so I painted the branches with fine lame nail polish that I had at home.

When I painted it, I was happy with how pretty it looked! I was happy when I painted it, but from a distance, I couldn't see it at all....
It might not be worth doing.

Where can I buy the decorations?

All the decorations used in this project are from Daiso.
990 yen including the tree itself!

Christmas garland x 1, Christmas ball (3cm) pink x 1, Christmas ball (3cm) white x 1

About the materials

Christmas tree x 1 550 yen x 1
Christmas garland x 1, Christmas ball (3cm) pink x 1,
Christmas ball (3cm) white×1, Stripped Scroll Boa×1
110 circle x 4
Work time Approx. 10 min.

First, remove the ribbon from the Christmas garland and wrap it around the tree. If you put a lot of pressure on the ribbon, it will be pulled to the center, so be aware of the outside of the branches to make it look nice.

Christmas tree decoration in progress

After that, you just need to decorate the tree with ornaments while keeping a good balance! I chose pink and white for this project because I wanted a cute adult tree.

There were also gold and blue, so you can choose your favorite colors!
In addition to the 3 cm ornaments, there were also smaller and larger ones, but I think the 3 cm was the right choice for this 50 cm tree. There were 13 pieces in one box.

Next, cut scraps of boa into doughnut shapes to cover the foot of the tree. I thought it would be cuter if it was not round, so I cut it freehand.
The circle in the middle will go through the tree stick, so make it smaller.

Strips of Scroll Boa×1

Finished like this!

Christmas tree decorated by 3points and Daiso is completed.

The Christmas tree shown here was made at 3coins and Daiso for 990 yen in total.
For a tree under 1,000 yen, it turned out very cute!💖

Since the tree is small, it takes only 10 minutes to decorate it.
It's nice to feel the season with a Christmas tree that you can quickly make for less than 1,000 yen!✨

There are a variety of Christmas goods available at both 3coins and Daiso, so enjoy decorating to your liking!💕

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