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Payment Failure with Canva! What to do when credit card registration fails?

Canva shows "Transaction Denied".

Hello! My name is Kanahina.✨
Today's article is for "those who failed to sign up for Canva's free trial".

I just got into it for about 30 minutes myself, so I'll try to write as much as I can understand and share information as well!

So please take a look at it as I will write it as soon as possible!😊

(Canva couldn't settle the payment with (my) Rakuten card.

As a conclusion, (my) Rakuten card couldn't settle the Canva transaction.😣

I try to enter for free trial of Canva pro by checking the number, period and CVV many times!

I get crushed in a spectacular mannerThe transaction has been declined. Please add another payment method."is displayed.

Canva "Transaction Rejected" is displayed

Rakuten Card is not often used on overseas sites, and there is information that it is necessary to unlock the card.

I tried many times, but I couldn't do it, so I went online and searched "Rakuten Card Canva" or "Rakuten Card Transaction was rejected". I was able to get as far as the information that "Rakuten Card Canva" and "Rakuten Card Transaction Rejected".

According to a person who contacted Rakuten Card customer support, Rakuten Card is temporarily locked when making payments overseas or at overseas sites for security reasons to prevent unauthorized use.

Once that lock is applied, you will not be able to make a payment on the site until you unlock it.

Rakuten Card's unlocking method is to unlock the card by phone, but it seems that "the time limit for unlocking the card is only one day per transaction," and for services like Canva, which require monthly or yearly payments, this lock makes the card troublesome and unusable. It is not usable.💦

Conclusion: The solution is to change to a different credit card or PayPal.

Considering that the lock can only be temporarily unlocked, I thought I had no choice but to use a different credit card to make the payment, so I changed to a different credit card and made the payment.✨

Canva is a company established in Sydney, Australia, and it is an online payment service for overseas services, so there was a high possibility that Rakuten Card could not be used.

If you do not have another credit card, you can use PayPal, but it seems that not many people in Japan have PayPal accounts, so it may be quickest to find another card that can handle the payment.😊
You can go to Canva's website from the following link. (If you pay by the year, it is about 6,000 yen cheaper.💕)

Just in case you pick up another cause

It is unlikely, but it could be caused by the following.

Use of a credit card brand that cannot be used by canva
The balance on the card was not sufficient.
Card expired
Card information was entered incorrectly
Late payments in the past
Old browser version

I have been hooked up for about 30 minutes and I hope this helps you all solve the problem!😊
If you've arrived at this article, I'm guessing you're pretty positive you're about to sign up for a free trial or a full contract, so I don't want to motivate you with this kind of thing 🥺.


This article was aimed at "those who failed to sign up for Canva's free trial", how was it?

Canva's paid plans have much more materials, especially video and music.
I have been a web designer and director for about 20 years, and video and music materials are very expensive to arrange, so I was surprised to see so many and at such a good price, and immediately signed up.

If you are a handmade artist and are not good at design, Canva is a very easy way to create high quality designs and videos!
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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