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Simple and cool
Natural stone accessories that are particular about quality

A leisurely shop is a writer who can make accessories using natural stones and glass parts based on the concept of "simple and cool".

The work is really simple, there is nothing extra, it has a design that doesn't get tired of everyday life.💖
The power stone therapist has been qualified, and all the natural stones that the leisurely shop are handled are very beautiful quality.

Because of the simple design, the splendor of each stone stands out.😊

Among the leisurely leisurely works of the leisurely shop, all the rings are all simple and delicate, so it is very nice to find a favorite and stack it!

The meaning and effects of each stone are also included on the Minne page, and you can see how much the leisure shop values ​​natural stones and works.
Good reviews have been reached one after another for MINNE.

It arrived safely! It's a beautiful shining stone than I imagined ... I'm very happy. The birthstone I had been looking for a long time was finally greeted by a wonderful writer. We answer the prior question carefully, and a solid packing and letter ...! Thank you for your warm transaction. I will value it. Also, if you have a connection, thank you (^^)

Relaxing shops have a simple photo composition!
That's why I understand the goodness of the work and the goodness of the stone. The beauty of the natural stone that is transmitted through the screen is a must -see

Choose with birthstone, select stones based on the meaning and effects of stones, and intuitively ... I think you will surely find one of your favorite.💖

See below for wonderful sites and SNS of the leisurely shop.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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