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  • イヤリング
  • チャーム
  • ネックレス
  • バレッタ
  • ピアス
  • フラワー
  • プレゼントに最適
  • ヘアクリップ
  • ポニーフック
  • マスククリップ
  • レジン

It's simple, but I want to wear it every day
Transparent treasure

Komahi is an accessory writer who uses UV resin to make pierced, mask charms, and hair clips.

Each part is simple, but each part is simple, but the balance between colors and size is wonderful, and only original accessories.

Many Komahi's work is combined with rounds, and each one is carefully built.😊
Colons and cute parts are clear, calm colors, and things that confine real flowers, such as mimosa, and a wonderful work is created by combining them.

I think that the way of matching the colors, especially the transparent usage, are very good, and there is a work that does not get tired and wants to wear it every day.💕

Among the many works, the popular plastic bubble -colored work is very popular, and the plump linet bubbles are enchanted just by looking at them.😍
There are plenty of sizes and design variations, so I think you can come across your favorite work.

In MINNE's reviews, there are a lot of impressive voices not only in the splendor of the work, but also on the speed of shipping, the politeness of the packing, and the extra bonus.💖

I bought it as a gift for a friend. There was a cute device in the packaging, and I was excited before seeing the product.

When I wear it, the balance of the length and the swaying appearance when it moves is very cute, and my friend not only delicate design, but also a long type, but I really liked it!
Thank you for the bonus that seems to be active in summer.

You can see that Komahi's personality, who values ​​each customer, has led to a polite work.🎶

Please see Komahi's wonderful sites and SNS from below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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