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Woodworking photo frame studio

Best Memory

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the best memories ever
I can't get it elsewhere
In a wooden camera -type photo frame

BEST MEMORY is a writer who has processed from one long wood and creates a palm -sized camera -shaped photo frame.

A photo of the woodworking photo frame studio was found on Twitter, but it is surprising that it is carefully and carefully made from the photo frame.😍

The work made with a combination of wood and fake leather has a wide variety of combinations with a pattern cross, so it is perfect for home use and gift.💕

In addition, it is full of originality because there are works that add value to photo frames, such as stamps and Christmas wreaths, and cameras, which are fashionable and functional.💖

As expected, it is a talented writer who is also published in the select and special feature of MINNE.

In Minne, there are many reviews that repeaters praise, and they are really highly satisfied writers.

I received today!
I am handmade woodwork and camera📷I like it, so I love this writer's photo frame and I order repeated many times.😄

The work that actually arrives is a photo frame that makes you want to collect it because you can enjoy the expression of the wood grain and the warm texture you feel from the wood (๑) this time, the color, photos to be set, and delivery date. Thank you for your consultation, and for your kindness! Finished with the cute photo frame as desired and I am very satisfied!

Best Memory is not only at a high level of work,The method of posting the product introduction of minne is very excellentis.

The posting of the photos is very easy to understand, but the explanation is described as "how to change photos", "explanation of services that can be free or charged" and "flow after purchase", so for those who buy for the first time. Consideration is wonderful.

I felt that the repeaters were continuing to combine with such considerations and the level of the work.💖

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