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I commented on the reputation of companies using Webarena

I tried to comment on the reputation of companies using web arena

This article is an article that I commented on the web director for the reputation of companies using Webarena!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
Everyone who saw this page

  • What about reviews of Webarena?
  • Is word -of -mouth really reliable?

I think that there are many people who are investigating various things.
I wrote a comment from the professional's point of view. It is an article mainly for the web staff of small and medium -sized enterprises.
Let's take a look!

Examples of planning and production companies that emphasize emails that are not allowed to be delayed for a few minutes

This company is a company that focuses on writing, and about 220 staff members often use email for communication inside and outside, which are considered a business line as a business.
In addition, it is a company that has many people who are not familiar with IT.

How was this company's issues and webarena?

  • assignment
    01 You must avoid stopping email
    02 There are many staff members who are not familiar with technology, so the management screen must be easy to use.
  • ↓↓↓
  • How was it using Webarena
    01 In the webarena shared rental server "SUITEX", there is no email trouble so far, so you will be satisfied
    02 The interface of the management screen can be operated intuitively and intuitively

First, I will comment on the issues 01 above.

Regarding the first of the issues, "we must avoid the stop of emails," this is really a lifeline for a company that has a high number of employees and has countless mailing lists.

It is said that there are always more than 40 to 50 projects in this company, and the number of emails per day has exceeded dozens of projects.
It was said that the load on the infrastructure was high because of the concentration of a real -time message, but webarena SuiteX said that there was no trouble at all.

It is a risk that a website will fall for a company, but stopping emails is more risky and quite annoying to customers.
In that regard, webarena is "cheap but stable" for servers used by companies.

In the past, the company had tried "cheap hosting services" in the past, but at that time, the suspension of mail servers and delays in e -mail distribution occurred frequently.

I also make a lot of websites with corporate opponents and exchanged them, but email -related problems really lose the trust of the company, so it's NTT rather than using a rental server that is several hundred yen a month. We recommend Webarena, which is a major company.
Webarena is a server for corporations and has been providing a considerable number of over 25 years, so I feel that I can trust it very much.

Customers who are in trouble if there is a problem, and we will propose Webarena SuiteX for customers who are not able to spend much on rental servers.

Because there is much less risk compared to servers in the same price range.

Next, I will comment on the assignment 02.

The staff of this company said that there were many housewives from all over the country, and many people said that they were not so familiar with technology and personal computers.
However, although SuiteX has a lot of functions, it was a comment that the interface on the management screen was very excellent and intuitively understood, so there was no need to rely on the manual.

As I think, many people use Webarena SuiteX, and many of them are not so highly literacy on the web.
Therefore, the fact that the interface of the management screen is easy to understand is a "very important factor."

Even with multifunctional services, some people cannot keep up, so the difficulty in that area is just right and easy to use, so it can be recommended without any problems.

This time, I commented on the usability of Webarena Suitex about companies that emphasize email.
It's been a long time, but considering the stability of email, this server is very.
If you want to reduce the risk as much as possible, please consider it.

To you who are lost! ! Let's look at the webarena (web arena) official website

The information I wrote here alone is not yet a decision. I think there are many people.
Webarena's official website describes specific specifications and support systems.

First of all, I want you to read it firmly and run a site on a rental server that is safe!
If the amount is about the same, a server operated by a large company is better.
After all, the risk of going bankrupt and stopping services is overwhelmingly small.

Click the button aboveWebarena (Web Arena)Move to the official page. The button above is a shared server rental server [SuiteX]. The button below is Webarena Indigopro for those who are thinking of high -performance sites.

If it's not such a large site, I think the SUITEX V2 Standard Standard Plan of Webarena SuiteX is enough.😊 Webarena (Web Arena)I have written some related articles, so if you are considering it, please take a look!

The person who wrote this article Kanahina

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