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[2023 version] Why is webarena (web arena) a company?

Why is Webarena (Web Arena) a company?

This article compares various rental servers and what about webarena?

It will be an article written from the web designer / director's point of view for those who say.

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
Everyone who saw this page

  • I don't know where the rental server is
    Is webarena (web arena) pretty good?

I think many people are thinking about the above.
Why is it recommended for corporations?I wrote from a professional perspective in the web industry for 20 years!
I reconfirmed the information in September 2023 and rewrote the article again!

It is an article that can be especially referred to for small and medium -sized enterprises web staff.😊

Extremely popular among websites in small and medium -sized enterprises

  • Webarena rental servers are extremely popular among small and medium -sized businesses.
    The first reason is that the biggest reason is "NTT is operated."
    Especially candidates are a plan called "SuiteX". This plan is enough for most accessories for small and medium -sized enterprises!

Immediately, we will mention other charms of Webarena!

First, organize recommended points!

Server operation over 25 years!

The first in Japan! 2AI predictive email security

Service total 140,000 contracts! Many major companies!

24 hours 365 days surveillance system

Service quality assurance system (SLA) operating rate is 99.99 %

Operation environment that protects valuable data

Abundant security measures that can be used for free

Webarena charm from the experience of the web director

After all, I want to run the web with confidence. Corporate web staff, web designers, and web directors will be so like that.
When you think so, the rental server that has been operated by the largest telecommunications industry, "NTT", is a rental server for over 25 years. This works.

yes! This isWeb arenaThe biggest weapon of.

And since it is a customizable rental server such as an optional additional function, when the site grows up, you can consult with the webarena person in charge and sign up for a higher plan.

Um, Tokyo Sky Tree also used Webarena (at the time of the 2012 opening)

  • I chose a flexible "Webarena" because I couldn't predict the number of accesses.

I read an interview with the Sky Tree personnel.
"Webarena", which can flexibly extend resources, is still strong. A server that is kicked out when access increases is honestly anxious as a company.

And there are many cases where the database cannot be used as it is or the PHP version does not match. (It also costs a lot of money to ask a web production company)

In addition, the powerful backbone line unique to telecommunications carriers is also a great attraction, and it is perfect for companies that seek security from the beginning.

Webarena (Web Arena) Kachidoki Data Center

Of course, webarena is popular not only for large companies, but also for small and medium -sized enterprises and individuals.

In that case, a plan called "SuiteX" is often selected, but it is very low price as a server used by companies with a thousand yen level.
But quality security is a high and reliable server.

In my experience, it is very high that webarena is selected from the name of NTT when actually recommended to a corporate staff.
After all, I think that it is easy to pass in -house approval because it is a "giant in the telecommunications industry".
There are other rental servers with good server specifications, but "safety", "safety" and "achievements of 25 years or more" are very attractive factors for general companies, so there are many people in charge. I feel.

Do you have any problems with selecting a webarena server?

Rental server rates and specifications are roughly picked up ↓

Rental server fee and specifications
capacity 300GB ~ email address Unlimited ~
Initial cost 0 yen (according to conditions) Virus check
Monthly fee From 1,997 yen SSL
sub domain DB
Multi -domain Php
Adults possible × CGI
backup Data backup (1 generation / free) Operation monitoring system 24 hours 365 days in manned monitoring

SUITEX main specifications
This alone is amazing!

Webarena (Web Arena) SUITEX major specifications

The specifications that are up here are the same specifications compared to major rental server companies.
However, the price is reasonable from 1,997 yen per month.

In addition, in the case of Webarena, NTT, the largest telecommunications industry, comes with a weapon. Trust, achievements, good cospa, easy to recommend for bosses and easy to pass.

After all, it is a tremendous sense of security that a giant NTT is operating.
I also recommend Webarena for clients who are the web director who emphasize trust and security.

I'm afraid to take the risk of reducing sales and credit by stinging a small amount of rental servers.
Sites involving corporate sites and conversions should be relieved even if you persuade your boss! I think.
Imagine when a rental server caused a trouble. 。 。

Can you work with peace of mind with a high risk on a cheap server?
I don't like it😣

1,997 yen per month as a server used by a corporation is very cheap.😊

To you who are lost! ! Let's look at the webarena (web arena) official website

The information I wrote here alone is not yet a decision. I think there are many people.
Webarena's official website describes specific specifications and support systems.

First of all, I want you to read it firmly and run a site on a rental server that is safe!
If the amount is about the same, a server operated by a large company is better.
After all, the risk of going bankrupt and stopping services is overwhelmingly small.

Click the button aboveWebarena (Web Arena)Move to the official page. The button above is a shared server rental server [SuiteX]. The button below is Webarena Indigopro for those who are thinking of high -performance sites.

If it's not such a large site, I think the SUITEX V2 Standard Standard Plan of Webarena SuiteX is enough.😊

I picked up frequently asked questions about Webarena (web arena) on the official website.
Please see the official website for the latest information as it is information as of September 10, 2023.


Where is the server installation location and the data center?

It is in the 23 wards of Tokyo. Due to the security, the disclosure of detailed places was refrained.

Is it possible to operate an adult site?

Operating adult sites is regulated by "Webarena shared server hosting service terms", regardless of whether you are profitable or non -profit.

In addition, even if it is difficult to judge, we recommend that you do not join, as the response such as forced cancellation may be disadvantageous for both customers and NTTPC.

Is commercial use possible? (WEBARENA common)

Yes. It is possible. Webarena has no particular regulations on commercial use.
However, the contract service "contractor" is only those who have been registered as "contractor" when applying.
Please note that only the contractor will be provided by the contract information.

How much disk capacity can you use? (Suitex v2)

The disk capacity varies depending on the contract content.

The SUITEX V2 type is 300GB ~.
In addition, the current contract status can be confirmed by the contract change service.

Is it possible to set the disk capacity used for each function, such as homepage and email? (SUITEX V2 Standard)

In the disk capacity of the contract, the disk capacity can be assigned for the WEB and e -mail for each application.

Is it possible to set the disk capacity used for each account? (Suitex v2)

You can use the capacity limit for each account and use it.

For example, if a 500MB capacity is limited to a mail user, even if the relevant user accumulates the e -mail data on the server, it does not consume the entire contract disk capacity over 500MB.

How many accounts can you create? (Suitex v2)

There is no limit on the number of web users and email users (email addresses).
However, up to 100 email users (email addresses) are recommended for stable use.
Up to 3 Web privileged users can be used😊

Is it possible to use it for sale of goods such as mail order? (Suitex v2)

EC sites are also available without any special restrictions.

About capacity exceeded warning email (Suitex v2)

If the disk can be used more than 80 %, a notification email will be sent.
I get an email in advance, so it's safer than the server.😊

Is the data backed up? (Suitex v2)

NTTPC is backup of data at any time in case of an obstacle.
If a failure occurs, return to the state of the backup.
However, since the recovery of data is not guaranteed, it is safe to download data from the server regularly and save it.
In addition, as an option is provided with backup services, you can back up up to 7 generations by contracting.
* There is no specific directory or file recovery service according to the request of the user.
* Backups up to 1 generation are one day (1st generation backup).

Is there a function to check the virus on the server side? (Suitex v2)

Webarena SuiteX supports the virus check function of the email as standard.
This is a specification that checks the viruses of all emails sent and received through the Webarena Suitex server and exterminate viruses that are infected through email.

I want to check the host server (affiliated server/containment server) and IP addresses that I have contracted.

The host server (affiliated server / containment server) where the contractor's IP address is housed can be confirmed by the site manager.
After logging in, you can confirm by referring to "Information", and the IP address of the contractor is also described.

Is there a guideline for the number of web server access?

The guideline for SuiteX V2 is as follows.
Number of accesses per day: 100,000 hits or less (100 hits/minutes or less)
Number of simultaneous access: less than 80
Daily transfer amount: 10GB or less

Is SuiteX a fixed IP address? (SuiteX V1/V2)

SUITEX gives a unique fixed IP address for each contract.

SUITEXV1 and SUITEXV2 standards are common to web / email, one IP address, and in the case of e -mail premium, web server and e -mail server are different, so a total of two IP addresses are given.

I want to know the upper limit of the size of the attached file at the time of email delivery. (SUITEX V2 type standard)

The upper limit of the e -mail per number is 20MB.

What is the safety and security level of the data center?

It has been designed/constructed based on Tier 3 Level (part, Tier 4).

Seismic structure and security areHereThere was a description.

What are the differences between the services of shared servers, email servers, and VPS/cloud.

Webarena offers various hosting services.
The rough difference for each service is as follows.

■ Common server (WebarenasuiteX)

Web, mail server, and management screen will be set and provided so that anyone can use it.

■ Mail server (mail hosting)

E -mail server specialized by email function, stability, and security.
* Web servers are not included in this service.

■ VPS/Cloud (VPS Cloud, SuiteProv4)

It is a server that gives you ROOT authority and can be built and operated as much as a dedicated server.
* There is no support for construction. The contractor needs knowledge about server settings.

I received an email that the accommodation server was confirmed to be a high load.

If the accommodation server is high load due to the environment of the contractor's site construction, the contractor may receive an email.
In that case, it is necessary to respond first according to the contents of the email.
If you have any questions about the contents, please describe the confirmation items and reply to the email to check the questions.

The person who wrote this article Kanahina

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