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  • ポニーフック
  • レジン

The same thing is not two
There is only one in the world

Neinn is a writer who uses resin to create accessories inspired by seasonal flowers and starry sky.

Nein's work has a refreshing and calm color despite its presence.
Design without excessive decoration is a wonderful accessory that can be attached to the body regardless of the scene.😊
In addition, it is nice to be particular about the light wearing comfort, and it is not painful to wear it for a long time.💕

And the feature of Neinn's work is that the color is beautiful!
Especially blue is really beautiful✨
Even if you say blue from blue in the sea to blue in the starry sky, blue in the winter and spring sky, it is really various, and you will surely find your favorite blue.😍

Looking at the Minne's review, I received a lot of joy in the wonderfulness of the work.

It was a beautiful color earring. I usually wear simple colored clothes, so I was looking for an earring.
I like the place where the other side can be seen through when I hold it over the light, and it seems that I can enjoy it when I am not wearing it. thank you very much.

I received it! I really like the exquisite and delicate colors☺️It is wonderful that the expression changes depending on the degree of light.✨ I was able to trade with confidence. thank you very much!

as much as possible"Handmade"Nein's work, who was particular about that, is performed manually from the wire shape to the coloring using resin.

It is the only accessory in a heartfelt world.
I want to cherish more accessories with so much thoughts.💖

See below for Neinn's wonderful sites and SNS.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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