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Just looking at it makes my heart sparkle
Accessories that you want to learn

Asterisk"Glittering accessories" using wires and resinIt is a writer who can make it.

ASTERISK's workAnyway, it's cute.💕
The combination of glitter and flowers handmade, the color with gradation, and the combination of various parts are all cute.💖

All of them are very nice works, but what surprised me isIce ribbon -Ice ribbon -work.
The ribbon made with the wire is three -dimensional! !
Although it is a cute design, it has a gold x transparent color and has a mature look, so it is sure to be a big success in various scenes.😊

MINNE is even more cute than the photo! Many reviews were seen.

It's very cute ...! ˊ* I wanted this kind of glitter ... I saw it on Twitter and bought an impulse ... I received it and looked at the real thing.✨

The packaging was polite, and I gave me a warm feeling, thank you.😊
I am happy to meet a wonderful work, thank you for making such a cute thing ...!✨
I'm looking forward to actually wearing it♪

cute…💖The plump apple, the flowers inside, the colors, and the design are all cute! ! ! The real thing is more cute than the photo! ! !
It's too cute to put on ... I'm really happy to be able to welcome such a cute earring! thank you💖💖

Asterisk's work is clearly shining and sparkling just by looking at the photos.
Please take a look at "Sparkling Accessories"😍

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Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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