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Wood carving

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Only one in this world
The warmth of a unique tree

Wood carved Poppo"Keep the kindness of the tree as it is"It is a writer who has created a wood carving work under the theme.

The works that are particular about [hand -carved], [unusual], and “touch comfort] are not only very elaborate but also overflowing with kindness and warmth, which is transmitted through the screen.

Some of the accessories and miscellaneous goods were carved with a cherry blossom, and when I first tried it, I remembered when I was playing with a chisel when I was in elementary school.

I was very impressed because the artists who could remind them of good memories of the past by looking at the work.

As of October 2022, it seems that you can request by DM, which is described on Twitter and on Twitter.
It's a very nice response😊

And on YouTube, it is a must -see because you can see the skills of the craftsmanship and the careful and detailed work in the video.

Click here for Youtube of wood carving Poppo

If you think "kindness of wood" is at hand, by all means💖

See below for nice sites and SNS of wood carving Poppo.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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