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In one corner of the room
Gently give an overseas cityscape

Nendoll is magic of clay✨It is a writer who uses it like and reproduces the cityscape abroad.

From the first time I saw itWorkI was surprised by the originality and the delicate handmade charm.

On Suntorini, where I traveled with my mother, it would be difficult to go anymore, so I started a miniature in a size that I could put in one corner of the room.
It's very very nice, isn't it?😊

The work is developed mainly in the cityscape of Europe, but there were also cute small cases, and the super -authentic miniature cityscape was also accepted.💕

Looking at the minne review, everyone is very acclaimed and the reviews are really full of hearts!

I love NENDOLL's work, and this time I bought a small case ^^
I was excited every time I opened it from the color of the ribbon in the packing😍
The small case is really cute! ! ! ! It was a very nice work that NENDOLL's view of the world was delicate and carefully expressed in this small accessory case! !
Everything from delicate works and heart -hearted letters has become a treasure.
If you have a connection, please purchase it ^^
Thank you for your wonderful work this time💕

Hello nendoll👋😊 A very nice work arrived safely today💕 When I happened to see Twitter, I was picked up by the work, and I came to me with just a small difference😳Thank you for your really nice relationship.😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
After that, the tweets you see are always after the welcome, so it's strange to have a relationship ~😌
Very glittering with photos✨It was wonderful, but the real thing is really glossy and beautiful ~😍💕It is a very carefully expressed place to the details, so I have never been to it, but I think it's a wonderful town.💗
I want to go someday🎵 There are many other wonderful town works, so I want to collect it little by little.💖This time, thank you very much😊🍀

The person who received it
🍀To remember wonderful memories
🍀You can feel the feeling of going on a trip
It is said that he is aiming for the work, not only has a high technical level of the work, but also delivers the recipient with a lot of feelings. It is a writer who has a very nice and respectful attitude.😍

See below for NENDOLL's wonderful sites and SNS.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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