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Simple but cute
Cute but not too sweet

Mi: is an accessory writer who creates a cute adult image that makes you want to eat chocolate and nuts.

It is very popular and has been resold many timesOne -point chocolate earrings/earringsIs a very cute finish with a heart and square, but it is a simple one point, so it is a wonderful work that can be attached to the workplace.💖

There is very originality, so where did you buy it? Many questions are likely to come😊

In addition, piercings like drops are made of dull color, so you can enjoy cute adult fashionable adults that can be used in everyday use and at work.

Also,Dark chocolate with plenty of zakuzaku nutsA hair clip that is too nice overflowing with the impact and cuteness is also being developed!
There are many other variations in this series, so you can enjoy the pleasure of choosing according to your hair color!

Mi :'s work full of individuality was full of highly acclaimed reviews for minne. Wrapping is also very popular😊

I thought it would be nice to have such a thing, I found it and bought it at first sight, but the real thing was very cute and I looked at it for a while. 😊
It's a waste to use, but I want to use it carefully.
The packaging was also nice like chocolate packaging! I'm really thankful to you!

Mi :'s work is simple in the simple adult, and depending on the work, it is really attractive to be too flashy and can be used at work because it is considered to reduce the tone of color. 。

As expected, it is a writer who has been handmade for more than 15 years.
The user's situation is well thought about💖

Please see Mi :'s nice sites and SNS from below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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