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Candy to your daily life
Leather products that grow together

KALEIDOSCOPE is a leather writer who has created leather products that snuggle up to life.

When I saw an apple's work for the first time, it was very shocking😍
Glossy red, lovely shape, seams, leaves, and zipper are all too nice apples.

The idea is wonderful and the only one, so you should be proud of having it.😊
In addition, because it has a key hook, I am glad that it can be hanged on a bag or belt, so it is nice to consider functional places.💕

Bags also have a lot of works that are perfect for adult women, such as "Gamaguchi Nume Leather Rucksack" and "Trunk -type bag".✨
Because it is an order production, there seems to be something that can respond to requests such as color changes!

Looking at the Minne's review, I received a lot of pleasure.

I fell in love with the design at a glance and was at a loss as S size, but I bought a M size because I had luggage.
The size is just right, and I'm looking forward to going out with bright colors. Thank you for your nice bag.

It is my daughter's birthday present. Because it was wrapped neatly, I looked into it secretly. It smelled good♡
I'm looking forward to giving it to my daughter next month! absolute! ! I like it!
Thank you for wrapping, shipping, and consideration.

Kaleidoscope's work is not only a design and originality of the design, but also has a very particular commitment to leather, which is more tasty due to aging, and is a gem that can be enjoyed after a long time.

Kaleidoscope, who has such a commitment and warmth, has more than 6,800 MINNE followers, and his favorite works! More than 40,000 cases.

Because it is a very popular writer, I think it will take time to receive the work, but there are only wonderful works that you will be looking forward to while waiting, so there is also a pleasure to wait.💖

See Kaleidoscope's nice sites and SNS below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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