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Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki
Flower studio Misaki

Mizuhiki Accessory Writer

Flower studio Misaki

  • アクセサリー
  • イヤリング
  • ピアス
  • プレゼントに最適
  • 水引

By traditional craft Iida Mizuhiki
You can also use it everyday
Mizuhiki accessories that convey the edge

Flower Kobo Misaki is a writer who has made Mizuhiki accessories using traditional crafts Iida Mizuhiki.

Because of the calm color scheme, it can be used as an accessory to be acquired on a regular basis, and it is a wonderful accessory that is excellent in compatibility with kimono.😊
In addition, Mizuhiki, the material, is made by making a core with Japanese paper and a beautiful colored decoration thread, and the metal fittings are also used nickel -free!

The shape is very beautiful, but the more you draw the water, the stronger you can draw, and the auspicious is good, so that's very attractive.😍

Looking at the Minne's review, some people have been repeated and have received many joys.

This time, I ordered it with my image♡
Listen to the colors very nicely and make me feel very happy.♡
Thank you very much for packing carefully. Thank you again.🍀

I received today✨ I purchased it to wear it because my sister's wedding was prepared. It is much lighter than expected, and it looks very beautiful and is very satisfying.😍 It seems that you can use it everyday, so I will use it carefully from now on.🙌✨✨

The pierced earrings arrived. I was surprised that metal fittings were also included.
I am very happy to care. thank you very much.

I think the reason for the very satisfying review is the politeness and speed of Misaki's response to the level of the work.💕

Of course you can use it for everyday use, but it is an item you definitely want to use in important scenes such as weddings.💖

Please see Misaki's wonderful sites and SNS from below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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