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Discerning natural stone
Presence full of individuality

KUROITO is a writer who uses a natural stone to make a macra bracelet.

KUROITO's work is a unisex stylish "handsome bracelet"!
It is a discerning natural stone, with a simple but unique and strong presence. Even if you want to use a natural stone as an amulet, but a little design, KUROITO's bracelet has a cool design, so it's easy to match with simple clothes.

And KUROITO's work is simple, so it can be cool and cute with stones and colors, so it is perfect for having it with important people.💖

There is no doubt that you will be pleased with the present😊
Because there are many works, you will surely find your favorite work.
Some of them sell as a set.♪

Looking at the Minne's review, I received a lot of joy.

safely arrived. I like the natural stone bracelet, but I was not good at hoping, and I came across this work when I was looking for something that could be worn more naturally.
It is very cute. This seems to be able to work.
I will use it carefully.

Thank you for the wonderful items as shown in the photo.
I was looking for a chic and cool natural stone bracelet, but it was an ideal encounter. The natural stone used is very beautiful and satisfying.
I purchased three, but especially the Larimar's color and the Labradorite silver were very good. I will use it carefully.

KUROITO wants to deliver happiness to many people, and start selling with the desire to know the beauty and charm of natural stone.
The polite response and the well -built works come from that feeling.

Please see Kuroito's wonderful sites and SNS below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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