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20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...
20kle tumyon ...

Accessory writer

20kle tumyon ...

  • アクセサリー
  • イヤリング
  • チャーム
  • ピアス
  • プレゼントに最適
  • ヘアクリップ
  • レジン

Can be various colors
Such a transparency
Handmade Jewelry

20kle tumyon ... is an accessory writer who is developing one -point or minority Handmade accessory brands, mainly resin and alcohol ink.

The work is made of very beautiful colors and transparency, but it is made not only in beautiful, but also in the season and the consideration that blends into the mood of the day.

Also,From those that can be used in all seasons, it is full of absolute personality and is not affected by trendsThere are many works full of ideas.

Looking at the Minne's review, it has been greatly evaluated, including not only the quality of the work, but also compatibility with clothes and handwritten messages.

When you actually pick it up and look at it, all the works are very transparent and are throbbing like a small jewel! My favorite is the earrings of monotone colored glass. It goes well with kimono, and even if you wear a dress with a lot of frills, I'm glad that you can express the cuteness that is not too sweet thanks to the earrings. 😆
There is also a handwritten message, which has become warm for a very polite response. 😊

The photos are also very excellent, but it was a very specific and kind detailed page that described the concept of the work and what kind of season and clothes it fit.

Those who are looking for cute originality that are not on the market are a must -see.💖

See below for 20kle TUMYON ...'s nice sites and SNS.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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