About us

Handmade parks are operated by ordinary couples, not corporations.
My wife is a handmade writer, and my husband works for a production company as a web director.

Because it is a site that runs as a hobby in your spare time, you may not be able to respond in detail like a corporation, but we will do our best positively, so I hope you can forgive me.😊

Basically, it is a site that introduces handmade know -how and writers, but I am also interested in many other interests, so I am making content other than handmade.
I will introduce it specifically below.

Handmade reading material

It is a handmade know -how introduction blog.
We actually bake and verify plastic bangs, and focus on things based on actual experiences.

Introduction of the writer

I am introducing the writer who has received permission.
I will write the introduction of the respected writer and introduce the sites and SNS sold.😊

Discovered miniature garden

This is a miscellaneous blog!
It spells out what the caretaker is interested in and the web design and direction that has been doing for about 20 years in his main business.😊

CANVA (Canva) feature!

This is a blog that introduces the know -how of CANVA (Canva) that can be used from free.
It is a useful tool because even those who have never learned design in earnest can be used intuitively.😊

that's all! ! !

The site also includes affiliate advertisements!
If you are interested, please take a look💕

The content is not solidified yet, but we will run while having fun.
thank you💖