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Only one in the world
With a special envelope
Would you like to send a letter?

WakakoI want to send a letter to someoneAn embroidery writer who produces paper embroidery letter sets and message cards based on the concept.

The work that embroidered a bouquet on a craft paper is not only a great accuracy, but also a warmth made by hand.

In addition, CREEMA stated, "We also accept orders with your favorite colors and flowers," so it seems that you can ask for one special envelope in the world depending on your consultation.

If you receive such a letter, you will be happy to save the letter set carefully.

Even if you look at the review of Creema, there are many people who are even more impressed by the real thing.

I thought it was cute even if I saw it in the image, but when I looked at the real thing, it was more and more cute and the tension went up! Thank you very much for your wonderful work.

I was impressed by the carefully embroidered one of the dried flowers.
The content of the bundled part and the contents of the combination of the combination are also very good.

If you are thinking about one special letter in the world, Wakako's letter should be a very nice gift.💖

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