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tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets
tomo _._ Sweets

Fake bread & sweets writer

tomo _._ Sweets

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Heal daily fatigue and stress
Real and cute bread & sweets

tomo _._ Sweets is a writer who can make fake sweets and fake bread using resin clay and resin.

The size of delicious sweets, which seems to be real in the photo, is about 1 cm. This reality and cuteness are shocking in this size😊
The fresh cream that is likely to hang down, the drinks that seem to be squeezed, crispy croissants ... all seem to be delicious.💖

The work is wide, and it is cute, as it has a pierced piercing and charm that you can always carry, to a memo stand that you can be enchanted every time you see it at home.😍But it's perfect for those who don't have piercings.

In addition to the cuteness of each part, the combination of parts and arrangements are wonderful, and you will be surprised at the sense of tomo _.__ Sweets and the polite work.

In the review of minne, there are many impressive voices in Tomo _.__ Sweets's work, which is particular about the details!

The donated donut is so cute that it is cute.☺It is very cute to the details, such as eating and cream horns standing, and you will be happy just looking at it.✨Thank you for your wonderful work this time💖

It's a work I've always wanted since I saw it on Twitter, so I'm very happy to buy this time.😆
I like all of the French toast soaked in the French toast, the sloppy feeling, and the gradation of Muscat Soda.💖
The tension has risen! I will decorate it carefully with my work so far!
If you have any connection, thank you. I'm really thankful to you!

Before exhibition on minne, you can introduce the work on Twitter and Instagram, so please check it out.😊

Please see Tomo _.__ Sweets's wonderful sites and SNS from below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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