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  • キーホルダー
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  • ミニチュア
  • 羊毛フェルト

The adorable expression is super cute
Miniature animals

TeaPlus is a wool felt writer who creates a wool felt, a miniature small animal, dogs, cats, birds, and flowers.

MINNE is lined with cute animals, such as hamsters, shimasu, rabbits, and ferrets!

When I read the explanation of the hamster, my eyes are sewn with a 6mm black plastic eye, making it a cute and real hamster, so there is such a lovely expression because there is an outstanding technique in detail. I think you can get it💖

The decoration is also healed simply by decorating the room, healing at the workplace desk, making a small animal forest at the entrance.😊

Minne's reviews are also highly acclaimed by customers in the words of sincere joy.

The cute Corgi -chan arrived safely today.
Thank you for your polite response, packing, and handwritten messages! This Corgi -chan was really very similar to the one that I kept at home and was in love at first sight. I'm surprised that the back is too much! Moreover, because it is a glutton, the ice is perfect.
It looks like that one that always sits like this and puts out the tongue, and the expression is like this, so it is transformed into a mini size.

On Twitter, you can also see the progress of the work, so this is also a must -see.
The hamster on top of the sweet potato was too cute💖

See below for TeaPlus's nice sites and SNS.

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