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Wire accessories writer

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Wire wrapping full of individuality
One accessory in the world

Kotoko ... is a writer who has made resin wire wrapping accessories.

KOTOKO ...'s work is exactly the only one!
Not only natural stones, but also light and beads, such as resin and beads, are wired, and resin, handmade and wires can only be wrapped by kotoko ...
I don't know how it is rolling, but it's definitely cute.💗

KOTOKO ... has a new work on a daily basis, but it is also surprisingly surprised by its design power and the fine -grained technology that makes it a real thing!

There is no doubt that the outstanding presence, elegant and cute accessories will make you feel happy just by wearing them.😊
My recommendation is Instagram. Although they are cute works in the photos, they can be fascinated by the swaying in the video.

Looking at the Minne's review, I received a lot of joy.

It was the first time I bought a long earring, but it is a wonderful work that is familiar to the wearer even though it has a strong presence, and the quality of the work is high, so it is a beautiful and polite job than you can see.
Above all, it is light but light! It is easy to wear as light as what kind of magic you are wearing.
I bought it for a Christmas present, but it was really good to buy it! !

It's glittering every time it shakes and it's very beautiful!
A small flower at the ear makes you feel happy ^^
I opened the pierced hole because I wanted to add kotoko's earring, but I am very satisfied! !
Thank you for your wonderful work.

KOTOKO ... uses artistic wires that are "rust -resistant" and "metal allergic compatible" wires.

You can see that the large works are surprisingly light and easy to wear, and they are seriously thinking about the people who wear the work.

Please see Kotoko ...'s wonderful sites and SNS from below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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