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Being right next to you

Rin (Rin), who produces the shop "CREA", is an accessory writer who uses natural stones, beads, resin, and dried flowers, and has created works that combine a romantic atmosphere and gorgeousness.

The work is wide and surprising, such as clear, transparent and stylish ones, antique -style calm ones, presence using dried flowers and gorgeousness.

I felt that the rich experience of handmade for over a dozen years has led to the width of Rin's work and the high quality of each point.
And because of its quality and the greatness of customers, minne is full of highly acclaimed reviews.

The packaging was also very stylish and it did not stop Kyun Kyun♪
And I was excited about the beautiful works that appeared in polite packaging😍💕
Thank you very much for your response! Thank you again🙇

Also, for Creema"Sparkle on everyday life"Under the theme of that, works with a different style are developed.
From office casual, a little outing, from simple things to shine personality.

The difference between the style between minne and Creema is a must -see💖

Please see Rin's nice sites and SNS from below.

The work on this page may have already been sold.
Please see the writer's sales site for sales status.

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