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[Teaching the secrets of the selling product description] Four points that handmade writers should know

How do you put the product description and how to put the image? ? ?

Hello! It's Kanahana✨
This time, it is an article for "those who are aiming to be handmade writers in the future" and "those who have started selling but have not yet sold".

I focused on "Points to be purchased by customers" and "Product Description" and wrote an article.

Specifically, I wrote about the following four, so please take a look.😊

[Point 1] Think from your point of view
[Point 2] Main the accuracy of information
[Point 3] Incorporates visual information
[Point 4] Devise the product description

[Point 1] Think from your point of view

In the product description, it is important to provide the information you want to know!
In the case of selling online, customers are more anxious than real stores because they cannot be taken.

In other words, sentences are required to resolve your questions and anxiety, such as points that you feel uneasy before purchasing a product, points you want to know for comparison.
Therefore, let's explain the characteristics and charm of the product so that customers can easily understand!

for example···
"Available from everyday use to formal scenes!"
Because it is not an excessive decoration or a large design, it is okay to put it in a formal place for everyday use.😊
It is a simple petit piercing that takes into account that flashy things are attached to the workplace. It is made with an excessive color scheme.
[Point 1] Think from your point of view

[Point 2] Main the accuracy of information

Product description is required to provide accurate information to customers.
Using incorrect information and false expressions not only impairs the reliability of the product, but also causes trouble.😣
Therefore, let's provide accurate information for the characteristics, specifications, precautions, etc. of the product.

for example···
"Consideration for allergies"
My handmade earrings are made using allergic materials.
However, allergies have individual differences, so they do not guarantee that they will not be 100%allergies.
Thank you for your understanding. If you feel abnormal on your skin, please refrain from wearing it and see a specialist.
[Point 2] Main the accuracy of information

[Point 3] Includes visual information such as size

In order to convey the characteristics and charm of the product, it is very important to include not only sentences but also images and videos.
When selling the product, I think that there are few people who do not include images, but if there is only one image or only photos of the same composition are lined up, the possibility of purchase will decrease. 。 。

for example···
"About product size"
If you want to effectively represent the above, if you write the size in the photos and videos and post images to convey the size apart from the attractive image, the size is more effective and more effective.
In addition, it is effective to include the image of information that makes it easier for customers to imagine the appearance and feel of the product (such as landing and gifts), such as colors, materials, and sizes, so it is effective to post more images. is.

Recently, for popular writers and those who have successfully sold at valuable prices, it has become normal for more than 10 images on their own sites and minne.
The above is difficult, but it's an important factor that greatly affects branding, so let's do our best to buy it at a high price.💕
[Point 3] Includes visual information such as size

[Point 4] Devise the product description

Customers who read the product description often have expectations and anxiety about the product.
Therefore, devising the product description is very important for selling handmade products.

In addition to resolving customers' concerns and doubts, writers who are communicating the worldview and theme of their products and those who are not there are significant differences in conversion rates and selling prices.

I am also a web designer / director, but if the product is not famous, if the product description is only a few lines, it is often not sold even by products from famous companies.

for example···
"About examples and recommended usage"
We received the following pleasure in the word -of -mouth from those who purchased Petit Earrings!

I didn't have a pierced earring to the workplace, but I purchased Mr. 〇〇's petit earrings, so I went on it immediately!

Then, from colleagues and bosses

"It's a simple and stylish earring💖」
"I'm glad I can put it in at work."
"Tell me where I bought it😊」

It was very popular! !

By describing such an example, you can imagine the scene after buying piercings, so the possibility of purchasing increases, and it will be easier for customers to buy with a sense of security.😍


This time, it was an article focusing on "Points to be purchased by customers" and "Product Description". How was it?

I don't think it sells at first,

"I'm out of the work, but it doesn't sell😣」
"If you can sell the unit price at a high price,"

If you are thinking, I would be glad if you could practice it!

Then, please enjoy handmade life♡
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A wonderful quality writer gathered as a reference for specific examples"Introduction of the writer"Please also see.

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