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[Question resolution! ] I tried to verify the baking and temperature of 100 uniform plasticavan

The most worrisome thing for beginners of Pravan is the "baking" work!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
When you want to start a plasticavan, isn't the most worrisome work of "baking"?
I know baking with a toaster, but what temperature should I bake? It is written low, but how many times?

I can't set the temperature in the first place, but ...
This time, I would like to verify that the plastic buns baked at that temperature can be burned the most.

The toaster can set temperature from 80 ° C to 230 ° C.

There are two toasters that can be tried from 80 ° C to 230 ° C, and three switches: heat, lower fire, and up and down. In my home, there is a toaster Healthio Glier, which is baked with steam, but it is not recommended because it can not be burned well and it is cloudy and baked with steam.

In this experiment, I will try to use Cucot Pravan 0.3mm White sold by Daiso.

Cucot Pravan 0.3mm White sold by Daiso

I had to bake two pieces at one temperature because there must be individual differences. In addition, I would like to look at the state of the baked, without holding it down after baking.

This is the plastic bangs before baking. It is cut into a 25mm diameter circle.

Before baking pravan

Here is the result of baking immediately! !

State after baking pravan

After all, at 80 ° C and 100 ° C, it seemed that the heat was not enough, so it did not shrink well.

Although one was shrinking somehow, the other one did not shrink any more even if it was baked in toaster for more than 2 minutes, so it was over.

State after baking pravan

One shrinking piece was clearly larger than other temperature and did not go straight.

Regarding other temperature, the size of the finished finished is almost the same, but it seems that distortion is likely to occur when the temperature rises compared to the 120 ° C. 140 ° C..

State after baking pravan

Pravan has a difference in vertical and horizontal extension and distortion, but you want to reduce the distortion as much as possible!

The plastic bangs baked in the upper, lower, and upper and lower toasters seem to be so large, but the lower fire is the most beautiful circle.

Looking at the back side, the horns are melted and baked at the top and bottom of 180 ° C or higher.

It looks like a plastic bangbali has been created

About this result

As a result of baking the plasticavan at various temperature this time, I was able to bake the plasticavan the most neatly at the bottom of the lower heat if the temperature can be set.

State after baking pravan

Bali is out at 230 ° C in Pravan

As a result of comparing the two toasters, I was easier to use a toaster that can set temperature.

If you buy a toaster for a plastic bun, check if you can set the temperature.

There are some differences in the firepower depending on your toaster, so please find your best temperature by referring to this result.😊

If you don't know which one to buy, I'll put a link between the plastic and toasters I use.🎵

If you want to buy a plastic bang on the net, you should buy it on Amazon.
I often buy it on Amazon, as it is cheaper than 100.

It arrives quickly and is often free of charge if you are in Amazon Prime.

If you like, click the following to take a look😊

I use the toasters that are easy to use because they can set temperature and are not expensive.😊

I've been making plastic van accessories for about 15 years, but now this toaster is very easy to use and has a good finish, so I love it.💕

I also made many common questions about plastic plates, so please refer to the following!


Is there a way to bake a plasticavan other than a toaster?

You can also use embossed heater to shrink the plasticavan.
However, in the case of embossed heaters, places that are not hot wind do not shrink, so it is not suitable for large works. Also, be careful as the plasticavan will fly due to the wind.

Is the firepower too strong depending on the toaster?

yes. There are differences in the firepower depending on your toaster, so we recommend that you try it at first and find the optimal temperature.

How long is the time when baking a plasticavan?

It depends on the temperature, but it shrinks in a few seconds in a toaster. At this time, if you wait a little without panic, the shrunk plastic will be flat and will not move, so that is complete.

Does the baking time and temperature change when using other thick plaavan?

Yes, the baking time and temperature may change depending on the thickness of the plasticavan.
I tried a plasticavan from 0.15mm to 0.4mm, but the thinner the baking time is slightly shorter. But please take it out in a plastic state, not time.

Is there a way to adjust the shape if the plasticavan is distorted after burning?

While the plasticavan is still hot, it can be shaped by holding it lightly with a flat thing (such as a book or the bottom of a can).
Depending on the magic, etc., it has a color image, so it is good to sandwich it with copy paper etc.!

Are there any precautions when baking a plasticavan with a toaster?

The toaster is very hot. Be especially careful when taking out the plastic bang and wear gloves or silk gloves.
Silk gloves are less likely to have uneven cloth when bending a plastic bun, so it is recommended for those who want to make a three -dimensional work!
You can buy even 100 uniforms☆

Should I do it before baking when adding designs and colors in the Pplaban?

The basics are designed and colored before baking, but you can also add color with acrylic paint after baking. The color of the plasticavan becomes darker when you bake it, so when you use a colored pencil or pastel, it is better to add a light color.

Bubbles have entered the bubbles of the plasticavan. What is the cause?

The cause of bubbles may occur when the coloring material painted on the plastic bang is not equal or when it is over -burned.

What kind of measures do you recommend if you are not used to baking with a toaster?

By baking repeatedly, you will be able to determine the baking! Let's try many times♪

Does the shape change when the plastic bun touches something in a hot state?

The plastic plate is very soft while hot, so the shape may change until it cools down. You can use it to create a three -dimensional work.

Does smoke and smell when baking a plastic bun affect health?

There is no significant health risk within the normal range, but be careful of ventilation.

What is the material of the plasticavan?

Pravan is a plastic material that shrinks with heat, and is the main component made of polystyrene.

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In addition, I wrote articles about Daiso, Ceria, and Cando Pravan, so if you look at it, I think that the knowledge of the plastic bun sold at 100 uniforms and the actual knowledge of baking will deepen!

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