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[Nakatoshi Sangyo's Plavan is wonderful] Hidden gem of 100 uniforms makes the handmade closer!

Thorough introduction to the charm of "Nakatoshi Sangyo", which is often seen even in 100 uniforms!

[Nakatoshi Sangyo's Plavan is wonderful] Hidden gem of 100 uniforms makes the handmade closer!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆

I'm a handmade writer who has been making plasticavan for more than 15 years, but among them, I have been using Nakatoshi Sangyo's Pravan for a long time because it is cheap.

There are many types of plastic bangs, so which plastic bang is good? I think that some people are lost.
This time, I wrote an article about the goodness of "Nakatoshi Sangyo" for such a person.

You can see it on 100 and Amazon, such as Seria, so I think many people have seen it!

Then, we will introduce what kind of company the "Nakatoshi Sangyo" is, the type of pravan, and what is good!

What kind of company is "Nakatoshi Sangyo"?

What kind of company is "Nakatoshi Sangyo"?

Company Overview: Introduction of Nakatoshi Sangyo

For more than 60 years since its founding in 1961, it seems that it has been providing high -quality and valuable products to 100 yen shops all over Japan as imported and wholesale sales of stationery and miscellaneous goods! You're surprised, right?😊

On the official websiteWeb catalogI saw, but it was full of simple items that enrich my life!

Product Development: Innovative initiatives

Nakatoshi Sangyo seems to have imported stationery and miscellaneous goods manufactured by a Chinese consignment plant and supplied it to the Japanese market.

You have developed with major customers and created innovative products tailored to the needs of the market. I feel that this approach is not just a wholesaler, but a partner that continues to grow together with customers share ideas with customers!

Popular products: Popular Pravan for handmade enthusiasts

Products for handmade lovers such as plasticavan are especially popular, and can be purchased not only at 100 yen shops but also on Amazon.

I think that there are many repeaters because the products can be made in a stable form despite the reasonable products.

When I make accessories in Pravan, I buy a lot on Amazon.✨

Future prospects: market expansion and technological innovation

I feel that Nakatoshi Sangyo is providing an orthodox and easy -to -use product from fresh and attractive products to expand the market and technological innovation.

It can be purchased easily at 100 average, but it gives out a product that can be used for a long time because it has good quality, so it is very helpful as a handmade writer.💖

I didn't know much about the manufacturer that puts a plasticavan, so I checked it online as much as I could understand this time!

I'm always taking care of the product, so I looked it up and found out about the Nakatoshi industry.
I want you to keep out the reasonable and good plasticavan in the future😊

What kind of plasticavan is coming out?

In the Nakatoshi industry, in April 2024, 10 kinds of plaavan were sold.

If you divide it roughly

■ Color: "Transparent", "translucent", "white", "night light type"
■ Printing type: "Normal" "inkjet"
■ Surface type: "Non -Cylon type" "Frost type"
■ Size: "A4", "B4", "B5" "B6" "230mm x 330mm" "postcard"
■ Thickness: "0.2mm", "0.3mm" "0.4mm"

It was a classification.
For details, you can see it on the official website.

I will explain the contents.

"Color" is completely transparent, translucent, and white.
There was one kind of night light type, a night light type.

I think it's okay to judge whether you want to make a plastic bang transparent, but at first you should buy three types and see the difference after baking.

The "printing type" is divided into handwriting with colored pencils and markers, and those that are printed from inkjet printers.
I think you should choose an inkjet when printing from a personal computer with digital data.

"Type on the surface" is
■ Non -silicon type
The surface is smooth and suitable for markers such as oil -based magic. The color riding is good and the ink is hard to bleed.

■ Frost type
The surface is rough and colored with colored pencils and pastel makes it easy to get handwritten taste!

"Size" is the size of the plasticavan as the name suggests.

There are three types of "thickness".
I use 0.3mm when I want a large and strength, such as a key chain, and 0.2mm for small and light works such as earrings. I don't use 0.4mm very much, but I think it's a good idea to use it if you want strength.

There are some articles that have been compared to the plasticavan, so please take a look.

100 uniform plastic bun related articles

Amazon is recommended if you buy Nakatoshi Sangyo's Pravan online.

I often buy it on Amazon, as it is cheaper than 100. It arrives quickly and is often free of charge if you are in Amazon Prime.

If you like, click the following to take a look😊


This time, we introduced the corporate information of Nakatoshi Sangyo, the variations of the pravan and the place where you can buy it. How was it?

A good but easy and easy -to -use Pravan of Nakatoshi industry.
Kana Hina, who has been handmade for over 15 years, has been indebted for a long time.

I'm starting a plasticavan for the first time! Please use it by all means♡


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