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[Handmade in Ceria] How to make a simple honeycomb interior

[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior

Honeycomb interior with 100 yen items purchased in Ceria

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
This time, I would like to introduce how to make a honeycomb interior that can be made with only Ceria ingredients.

The best handmade is not found in ready -made products, which can be the perfect shape or size for you! Moreover, everything I use is a 100 yen item purchased at Ceria.
I had a bond at home, soAll were completed for 880 yen♪ If you do not use fake green, you can do it for 550 yen.

I will introduce it in the following order!

  • the material is?
  • How to make?
  • Plus fake green!

the material is?

material Wood -style hexagon x 5 pieces
Fake Green x 3
Ingredients 880 yen (tax included)
550 yen (tax included) without fake green
Production time About 15 minutes

The ingredients are found here ↓

[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior

It is a hexagonal decorative shelf. The product name is wood -style hexagon. There were some of the same shape and had different sizes and heights, but this time we will use a low height of 108 mm.
Some of them were smaller, so please use the one you like if you like.

If you find 3 mirror -style tile stickers in the same ceria, and put them inside, they will be cute! ? I thought, but the mirror seal was slightly smaller ...

How to make?

It's very easy to make!

First, let's arrange the wood -style hexagon. I tried to be asymmetric left and right, but it can be significant or reduced to the left and right.
Anyway, I will arrange it so that I like it.

At this time, it is better to keep in mind that the direction of the wood grain inside is more beautiful. I noticed after I put it on, so the grain was diagonally diagonal.

Once your favorite shape is decided, stop with the bond. If you apply too much bond, the bond will protrude, so let's do it moderately.
If you apply a bond on one side, fix it with washing scissors, and then attach it to the next side to make it beautiful.

Plus fake green!

It's cute as it is,Add the same ceria fake green!
We have prepared three types with the bottom connected.
In some places, long leaves are popping out, so they pull and pull out. I was able to pull it out easily without using scissors.

[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior

[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior

[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior
Once you choose the place you want to put in the green, push it in tightly. At this point, there is still a little gap, so I will fill the gap with another green remaining.
This also removes the stems of your favorite leaves and insert them into the gap. If you put in while watching the balance ...

[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior

It looks like this! ! cute♡

I thought about fixing it with an adhesive, but thanks to the tightly packed, the green did not fall.
I didn't use the adhesive this time, as I might change my mood and want to remove the green!


[Handmade in Ceria] Image of easy honeycomb interior

This time, I made a honeycomb interior using 100 -Ceria ingredients. How was it?

It is easy to do within 15 minutes, so please decorate it at home.♪
It's very easy, so it's fun to make a wai with your child.

Please start a fun handmade life♡

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