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[100 uniform plasticavan] I compared Daiso, Ceria, and Cando's plasticavan!

Which one should I buy? ?

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
This time, I would like to write about how to choose a plasticavan.

A plasticavan that anyone can easily start. It is a handmade that does not require special tools and is also recommended for handmade beginners and dads who want to enjoy something with your child.
Moreover, you can easily get plasticavan at 100 uniforms!
But that's why plasticavan is good? What is the difference? I think many people are worried.

Daiso (DAISO), Ceria, Candu (Canu) near my house★DO), there were plaavan in all 100 uniforms.

Daiso and Cando were around stationery and toys, and ceria was around handmade materials. (It may vary depending on the store. If you can't find it easily, ask the store.♪)

Then, I would like to compare the plasticavan that can be purchased with Daiso, Ceria, and Cando.

Pravan found in Daiso

In Daiso, in addition to 0.2mm and 0.3mm transparent plasticavan, there were also colored plaavans such as black and gold.
I found a colored plastic bun at a large store, but it wasn't placed in ordinary Daiso near my home, so it seems to vary depending on the store.

Gold is difficult to color yourself, so if you use it well, you can make a cute work!

Daiso Proban Package

Pravan found in Ceria

In Ceria, in addition to the transparent plasticavan, there was also a frost type that could be colored with colored pencils and pastel with a rough one side.
I personally like this frost type, and I use this type when asked by a child to write.♡
Even if there is a resistance to passing the oil -based pen to the child, it is safe to use a colored pencil.

Celia Pruban Package

If you want to buy a plastic van online, Amazon is recommended

I often buy it on Amazon, as it is cheaper than 100. It arrives quickly and is often free of charge if you are in Amazon Prime.

If you like, click the following to take a look😊

In Ceria, I was able to find a plastic bang kit supervised by Saori Shiba.
You can make three -dimensional plastic bangs such as tulips and butterflies, and it is just right for the first three -dimensional plasticavan because the plasticavan is cut!
The color can be your favorite color♪

Pravan (Saori Shiba)

Pravan found in Cando

In Candu, there was a black plastic bang in addition to the 0.2mm transparent one.
There were not many kinds of Candu this time, but before, there were various types of things, so it may have been out of stock.
In Candu, I was able to find the same "Shiba Saori -san" plasticavan as Ceria.

Candu Pravan Package

Size comparison

This time, I compared the eight plasticavans purchased at 3 stores.
Bake the plasticavan cut into 3cm in diameter with a toaster of the same temperature.

The state before baking is as follows.

Pravan (before baking)

Result is…

Pravan (after baking)

There seems to be no big difference in the result, but the color of the Daiso and the 0.3mm of Ceria remain a relatively beautiful circular shape.
The 0.2mm plastic bun has been slightly distorted.
By the way, the difference in thickness after baking is the difference in thickness of 0.2mm and 0.3mm.

Plastic thickness (difference between 0.2mm and 0.3mm)

It looks like it doesn't change much when you look at it in the photo, but when you touch it, 0.3mm is a solid impression.

I use 0.3mm when I want a large and strength, such as a key chain, and 0.2mm for small and light works such as earrings.


This time it is sold for 100ThreeI compared Pravan, how was it?

There are many types of plastic bangs such as transparency, color, and frost, so it is good to use them properly depending on the work you want to make.

If you want to make a three -dimensional accessories, you may want to start with a kit like Saori Shiba.
This time, I was able to find plasticavan for all 100 uniforms!
I'm glad I can start easily when I want to make it.

Please start a fun handmade life♡

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