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[1,000 yen or less! ] Christmas tree decorated with 3COINS and Daiso!

Try making a simple but good Christmas tree with 3COINS (Three Coins) and Daiso!


Hello! It's Kanahana😄

It's getting colder in November. The Halloween is over, and the area has become completely Christmas.

Cute Christmas tree in the city🌲You can see a lot.
I want to decorate the Christmas tree!

However, there is no place to put a big tree ... For such a person, this time I will introduce a cute tree that can be done for less than 1,000 yen.✨

Where do you buy a Christmas tree?

This time, I purchased the tree itself3coins!

The Christmas tree is one color of ivory, 50cm.
There is a presence but there is no intimidation, it is just the right size.💖
Moreover, a cheap price of 550 yen!

And the white tree is cute!
First, take out the box and spread the branches. I think this is easy but the most important.
From various angles, we will adjust it to be beautiful.

3COINS Christmas tree

By carefully here, the volume will be voluminous.✨
This tree had two types of branches.

The tree I saw at Francfranc before was so cute that the branches were sparkling, so I applied the fine glitter nails on the house on the branches.

It became cute when I painted it! I was satisfied, but I don't know at all from a distance ...
It may not make much sense to do it.

Where can I buy the decoration?

All the decorations used this time are from Daiso.
990 yen including the tree itself!

Christmas garland x 1, Christmas ball (3cm) pink x 1, Christmas ball (3cm) white x 1

About materials

Christmas tree body x 1 550 yen x 1
Christmas Garland x 1, Christmas ball (3cm) pink x 1,
Christmas ball (3cm) White x 1, Hagure scroll bore x 1
110 yen x 4
Working hours About 10 minutes

First, remove the ribbon from Christmas Garland and roll it over the tree. If you put your strength tightly, you will be close to the center, so if you are caught in the outside of the branch, it will look beautiful.

Christmas tree decoration in the middle

All you have to do is decorate the decoration while watching the balance! I wanted to make it a cute adult tree, so I chose pink and white this time.

There were other gold and blue, so please choose your favorite color.
In addition to 3cm decorations, there were smaller and larger ones, but I think this 50cm tree was 3cm correct. There were 13 in one box.

Next, cut the end of the bore into a donut shape to hide the foot of the tree. I thought it would be more cute to not be a manmaru, so I cut it with a freehand.
The middle circle passes through a tree stick, so please make it smaller.

Hagire scroll bore x 1

Completed like this!

3COINTS and Daiso decoration Christmas tree completed

The Christmas tree introduced this time was 3coins and Daiso for a total of 990 yen.
It was very cute for a tree less than 1,000 yen💖

Because the tree is small, the decoration itself can be completed enough in 10 minutes.
It's a good idea to feel the season in the Christmas tree that can be done immediately for less than 1,000 yen.✨

There are various Christmas goods in 3COINS and Daiso, so please enjoy your favorite decoration.💕

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