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Recommended for those who are not good at design! What is the free tool "Canva"?

Appeared in the god an independent tool "CANVA"!

List image of the design tool "CANVA" that can be used for free

Hello! It's Kanahana✨
In the past, designs needed sense and skills, and beginners had a high threshold, but as of 2023, they can easily design high quality not only on PCs but also on smartphones.💕

This time"Canva" that can be used for freeAbout 20 years old, web designer, will introduce you!

"CANVA" (CanvaWhat is)?

"CANVA" (Canva) Is a graphic design tool from Australia, and there are free and paid versions that users can freely use!

The free version has sufficient functions, and it has become possible to create not only business cards, posters, and SNS images, but also web designs and videos!

Easy to use, just selecting and editing from the template, anyone can easily design high quality.
This is the amazing part of "Canva"😊

"CANVA" is so attractive even though it is free!

"CANVA" is a very good tool that can be used by a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals.
The following is a detailed introduction to the charm of Canva.😆

For free design tool "CANVA" editing screen image

1. Easy -to -use interface

CANVA can easily create designs using templates. There is also a function that automatically adjusts the layout, so even the first person can easily start using it.

In addition, CANVA can be used not only on PCs but also on smartphones, so it has an easy -to -use interface that can be easily created anytime, anywhere.

2. Various functions

CANVA has abundant colored pallets, fonts, photos and video materials, so you can choose freely. Even if you are not used to the design, you can easily create a beautiful design intuitively.

In addition, CANVA can freely place a variety of elements, such as text and images, so it is easy to control the layout.

3. Available from free

It is surprising that it is a free tool with sufficient functions!
There are paid plans, but you can use it for free.

In addition, CANVA does not display advertisements even in the free version, so it is rare that it can be designed without stress.

4. Can be used from business to private

CANVA can create a wide range of designs, such as business cards, posters, images for SNS, web design, and videos, so it can be widely used according to business and private use.

In addition, CANVA is also compatible with the design of the team, and has the characteristic that multiple people can work smoothly.

5. Security security

As of 2023, Canva is used by more than 135 million users per month worldwide.
We are focusing on data storage and privacy protection, which is very heavy in the security aspects.

In addition, CANVA is constantly improving data backup and security, so companies can use it with confidence.

That's the charm of CANVA that I feel.😍

In the past, if you wanted to design, it was necessary to do it with a complicated tool such as Photoshop or illustrator, and it was difficult for the general public to operate it, but as CANVA has lowered the hurdle. I feel💖

How to use "CANVA"

Next, let's look at how to use "Canva"!
To put it simply, it is as follows😊

Free design tool "CANVA" login screen image

1. Access "Canva" site

First, access the "CANVA" site with a browser.

2. Log in or create an account

To use "Canva", you need an account registration. If you already have an account, log in.
If you use "Canva" for the first time, please create an account.

3. Select a template and edit

"CANVA" offers a variety of templates, including business cards, posters, SNS images, websites, YouTube videos, TIK TOK videos, and Instagram reels.

First, choose the appropriate template according to the design you want to create. After selecting the template, move to the edit screen.

4. When the design is completed, post to download or SNS

On the editing screen, the text, images, icons, etc. are placed to complete the design.
Once completed, you can download or post to SNS.

In addition, "CANVA" is automatically saved when the design is created, so this area has been lost and it has disappeared.💦It's very helpful, isn't it?😊


Free design tool "CANVA" screen image

With the free tool called "Canva", it has become an era where anyone can easily create beautiful designs.😊

This tool has a function that automatically adjusts the layout and a variety of design elements, so even beginners can use it easily.🎶

In addition, CANVA offers a variety of templates for various designs.
For example, it supports all kinds of designs, such as posted images for SNS, business cards, flyers, and posters, and has a function that can upload and easily edit images yourself.

CANVA is used in various fields and applications, such as business, education, and creating works by individuals.
As of June 2023, it seems that it has not yet spread in Japan, but CANVA is a very useful tool, so I think it will continue to expand in the future.😊

I have been a web designer for 20 years, and I was surprised at the simplicity of CANVA and the number of templates and materials, so I was not satisfied with it for free, so I was fascinated enough to contract a paid version on that day.😍

If you are new, why not try a free version from the following!
You should be able to get the quality that is as good as professional design✨

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