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[Super important] Webarena security function | Explain the points to protect corporate data!

Thorough explanation of the security points of web arena! !

This article is an article that specifically introduces 5 points of security functions of Webarena!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
Many people feel that the benefits of contracting webarena (web arena) are security.
There are places where the rental server specifications go beyond Webarena, but I feel that there are many places that exceed the security and achievements.

First, let's organize five specifically.

  • 1. The first in Japan! 2AI predictive email security
  • 2.24 hours 365 days monitoring system
  • 3. Service quality assurance system (SLA)
  • 4. Abundant security countermeasures tools
  • 5. NTT's reliability

Corporate recommended serverAs a security, security is very important, so let's take a concrete view from 1.😊

1. The first in Japan! 2AI predictive email security

Webarena adopts the first 2AI predictive email security in Japan.
It is said that unknown threats and new types of phishing fraud emails can be detected and blocked in real time.
For example, it is possible to respond to new tricks that were difficult to detect with conventional filters, such as CEO fraud emails that are increasing recently.
Other rental servers should not have introduced AI predictive email security.

2.24 hours 365 days monitoring system

In order to maintain the stability of the server, a 24 -hour 365 -day surveillance system is essential.
Webarena is constantly monitoring professional technicians and preparing a system that immediately detects abnormalities and responds.
In other words, SuiteX V2 standard is likely to be able to deal with sudden DDOS attacks and unauthorized access attempts.
I think this is the reason why it is used by large companies.

3. Service quality assurance system (SLA)

Webarena adopts a service quality assurance system (SLA) and boasts a 99.99 % occupancy rate.
As a result, we have an environment where companies can provide stable services without interruption.
99.99 % means that only about 53 minutes of downtime per year, so you can see that it is quite stable.😊

4. Abundant security countermeasures tools

Webarena has a wealth of security tools that can be used for free.
This allows companies to take advantage of advanced security measures without adding additional costs.

for example,
The SUITEX server is protected by a dedicated firewall.
The firewall is installed between the SUITEX server and the Internet, and close the ports that are not used for SUITEX services can reduce the risk of SUITEX's attack on the server.

IPS (illegal intrusion prevention system)
If the IPS (an illegal invasion prevention system) is detected as an external attack, the function to protect the SUITEX server from overload and attacks by automatically stop the communication is provided for free.

Web site falsification detection is also provided free of charge up to 5P.
In this way, there are multiple security measures that can be used as standard so that the site operation can be performed with confidence.

5. NTT's reliability

Webarena, the largest in the telecommunications industry, is known for its high reliability and proven track record.
Started with the housing service in 1997, it has been operating for many years, and has been maintaining the latest security technology to keep corporate data.
Operation for more than 25 years is not Date.

Meanwhile, we have a track record of continuing to protect sites with intense attacks such as large and medium -sized enterprises.
If you don't have security, you can't run a server store for 25 years, so you'll feel the power of a major company!


The information I wrote here alone is not yet a decision. I think there are many people.
Webarena's official website describes specific specifications and support systems.

First of all, I want you to read it firmly and run a site on a rental server that is safe!
If the amount is about the same, a server operated by a large company is better.
After all, the risk of going bankrupt and stopping services is overwhelmingly small.

Click the button aboveWebarena (Web Arena)Move to the official page. The button above is a shared server rental server [SuiteX]. The button below is Webarena Indigopro for those who are thinking of high -performance sites.

If it's not such a large site, I think the SUITEX V2 Standard Standard Plan of Webarena SuiteX is enough.😊 Webarena (Web Arena)I have written some related articles, so if you are considering it, please take a look!

The person who wrote this article Kanahina

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