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[Special article summary] About rental server Webarena

It is a special feature on the webarena (web arena) of the rental server!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
A company representative comparing the rental server, and when webarena climbed the candidate, a link to an article that explains the details so that it can be considered from various perspectives.

Immediately, I have compiled the links to the article I wrote, so please see below.😊

Articles about Webarena

[2023 version] Why is webarena (web arena) a company?

[Super important] Webarena security function | Explain the points to protect corporate data!

I commented on the reputation of companies using Webarena

What kind of company is Webarena?

Check out the webarena official website!

Webarena's official website describes specific specifications and support systems.

First of all, I want you to read it firmly and run a site on a rental server that is safe!
If the amount is about the same, a server operated by a large company is better.
After all, the risk of going bankrupt and stopping services is overwhelmingly small.

Click the button aboveWebarena (Web Arena)Move to the official page. The button above is a shared server rental server [SuiteX]. The button below is Webarena Indigopro for those who are thinking of high -performance sites.

If it's not such a large site, I think the SUITEX V2 Standard Standard Plan of Webarena SuiteX is enough.😊

The person who wrote this article Kanahina

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