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SHOPIFY PAYMENT (Payment) Thorough explanation! Professionals, including advantages and disadvantages, talk about everything😊

Clarify all of SHOPIFY Payments! !

This article is an article that thoroughly explains the outline of SHOPIFY Payments, advantages, disadvantages, and setting methods!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆

Today, I will introduce an article about Shopify Payment.

Kana Hina works in the e -commerce department of a web production company and touches SHOPIFY every day.
It is also selected as Shopify Experts (expert), which has only less than 90 companies in Japan, so I think that you can tell you a specific rule of thumb.😊

What is Shopify Payment?

Shopify Payment is an official settlement method provided by SHOPIFY.
As a result, the owner of the online store can be settled directly with a credit card in SHOPIFY without the introduction of an external payment service.
SHOPIFY Payments can be easily enabled by clicking a few clicks from the management screen settings, and can be easily reflected immediately without special technical knowledge. (JCB card cannot be used immediately)

In the case of a normal EC service, it takes a long time to judge before the introduction of credit, so this is the strength of SHOPIFY.😊

What can you use specifically?

in particular,
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay can be used from the management screen.
* JCB cannot be used immediately
* If JCB is introduced, Diners Club and Discover can be accepted automatically.

Difference from other payment methods

Many EC services need to introduce external payments.
This includes third -party services such as PayPal and Stripe.
These services are certainly highly reliable and are used in many stores, but it takes a lot of time to introduce and manage.
In that regard, SHOPIFY can be started immediately, so it has a very advantage, and I always feel that the business becomes smooth.

The biggest advantage of Shopify Payment is its integration.
It is extremely attractive to be able to centrally manage all settlement -related management in SHOPIFY's dashboard without introducing external services!
This makes it very easy to troubleshoot the payment, refund processing, and confirm the report.

Also, compared to other payment methods, SHOPIFY Payment has a fairly low commission.
In particular, the more store owners who use the expensive plan of SHOPIFY, the lower the payment commission.

But not everything is perfect.
There are several disadvantages in Shopify Payments. I will explain this in detail in the subsequent section.
First of all, I will explain the advantages, and then the disadvantages section.😊

Benefits of SHOPIFY Payment

The quality of the purchase experience is extremely important to make the online store successful.
Located at the center is the smoothness and reliability of the payment process.
Shopify Payment has many benefits that meet these requirements.

Advantages in terms of commissions

Many payment services require a certain fee for each transaction.
This is a great cost, especially for stores with high transactions and money.

SHOPIFY Payment is a low fee of 3.4 % for VISA and Master cards at the bottom basic plan.
Considering that free e -commerce services such as BASE can be charged about 6 %, it is very good because it is a cheap setting and there is no separate fee on a monthly basis.

By using the above plan, these fees can be reduced.
As a result, it is possible to improve the profit margin and set more competitive prices, so it is good to raise the plan according to the request of sales.😊

However, most customers start with the bottom basic plan first!

Seamless integration: Completion in the SHOPIFY platform

When using external payment services, many settings and management work are required.
However, SHOPIFY Payment is completed in the SHOPIFY platform, so there is no need for such a hassle! !

Customers can seamlessly complete the purchase process without being redirected on the third party page.
This is also a factor in improving the purchase conversion rate.
Store owners can easily manage and track payments from SHOPIFY's dashboard. It would be nice that the management screen does not increase, isn't it?😊

Security strength

At the time of online payment, the safety of customer credit card information and personal information is the top priority.
Shopify Payment uses industry standard security technology and highly protects customer information.

Users can purchase with confidence because they meet the very high security standards of PCI DSS.
It also provides functions and tools to minimize the risk of illegal transactions.
This allows store owners to minimize security risks and focus on business.
The old EC services did not have fraudal analysis, but with SHOPIFY, the risk of unauthorized orders is displayed for each order from the management screen, so it is very helpful when the store owner judges.
If you have a high -level alert, it is basically safer to cancel your order. When I guide the client, I guide me that it is better to contact the high level of cancellation.

Disadvantages of SHOPIFY Payment

There are restrictions on available countries and regions

SHOPIFY Payment is a settlement service that is used worldwide, but unfortunately not available in all countries or regions.
In some countries and regions, it seems that it may be difficult to introduce Shopify Payments due to regulations, laws, and infrastructure issues.
This may be a barrier for store owners who are considering expanding in a specific market, so be careful when considering cross -border ECs.

Only the following 23 countries can actually use it. (As of May 2023)

Czech Republic
Hong Kong Special Administrative District
new zealand

The latest information isPlease check on the SHOPIFY official website.

Restrictions on some industries and products

In addition, Shopify Payment does not support all industries and product categories.
Industries with specific risks and product categories with severe regulations may be restricted to use Shopify Payments.

As an example, specific categories, such as adult products, specific health foods, expensive jewels and art works, may not be eligible for SHOPIFY Payments.
in particular,Click here on SHOPIFY official websitePlease refer to the.

Fee matters: Costs for refunds and cancellations

Another disadvantage of SHOPIFY Payment is a refund and cancellation fee.
Specifically, if a refund or cancellation occurs for some reason after the product sales are confirmed, the fee related to the transaction will not be returned.

For example, if a high -priced product is canceled after the sale of high -priced products is confirmed, the fee for the transaction will be borne by the store owner.
This is a great disadvantage, especially for industries with many returns and cancellations, and stores that handle high -priced products, so I think it's a good idea to take into account the price and cancellation rate of your product!
However, there is a manual mode that does not automatically determine sales after credit payment, so it is also possible to determine the settlement after the user makes a settlement and then determine the settlement, so the risks can be slightly eased. Masu.

How to configure SHOPIFY Payment

When opening an online store, setting of payment processing is one of the steps that cannot be avoided.
Unlike external payments, you can easily complete this process by using Shopify Payment.

The following is a step -by -step guide on how to set the Shopify Payment.

(1) Creating a Shopify account

First, access the official website of SHOPIFY and create an account.
Enter the necessary information and open an account.

(2) Access to the management screen

After creating an account, log in to the SHOPIFY management screen.
Click "Settings" from the dashboard and select "Payment" in it.

(3) Select SHOPIFY Payment

In the "Payment" section, click the text "Manage" in SHOPIFY Payment, move to the detailed setting screen, and put various information.
There are input items such as card brand selection, payment time setting, and unauthorized order prevention settings.

(4) Enter and save necessary information

Next, press the "Complete Account Settings" button to enter the business information and details of the bank account.
This allows you to set the recipient of the sales money.

(5) How to confirm payment

Finally, select how to determine the payment is "manual" or "automatic".
When it comes to manual, when the user purchases with a credit, the store owner is manually "mode confirmed the amount" without confirming the amount.
The advantage of this mode is that if there is an unauthorized order or a mistake, the cancellation fee will not be charged. That is a great advantage.

Conversely, the "automatic" mode has no need to determine the store owner in "mode where the amount is confirmed" when the user purchases in credit, but it is confirmed even if it is an unauthorized or wrong order. The fee will not be returned even if you cancel.

If there are few orders and I do not include other warehouses linked apps, I guide the client at first that "manual mode" is good.
Surprisingly, there are many "high -level unauthorized orders", so I think it's better to look at the situation manually and start a shop.

When all settings are completed, it is recommended that you use the test mode to check whether the actual payment process works properly.
This allows you to minimize the risk of problems when actual users make a purchase.😊

Tips for maximizing SHOPIFY pay

SHOPIFY Payment is supported by many store owners because of its easy introduction and management screen integration.
However, there are disadvantages, such as the need to choose a plan according to the sales scale, and a cancellation fee for ordering, so know some hints and techniques to make the most of the functions. It is advantageous to keep it.

Given the advice from Kana Hina😊

Confirmation of commission plan

SHOPIFY Payment fees vary depending on the SHOPIFY plan you are using.
If you select the above plan, you can reduce the credit payment fee for each transaction, so choose the optimal plan according to the transaction volume.

Unauthorized transaction monitoring

If an unauthorized transaction occurs, additional fees and fines may be charged.
SHOPIFY has a tool to detect illegal transactions, so use this to minimize the risk.
Basically, it is good to cancel "high level" unauthorized orders. If you ordered an illegal card, and when you were charged back, the product was sent, but the price did not come in. 。 。 It is the worst itself.

If the customer holding a credit card does not agree to pay the usage price due to unauthorized use, the credit card company will cancel the sales of the price.

Clarification of refund policy

If a refund or cancellation occurs frequently, a fee will be charged each time.
If you clarify the refund policy and let users in advance, you can reduce the number of easy cancellations and reduce the possibility of cancellation and refund.

Techniques for improving user experiences

A quick payment process

SHOPIFY feels that there are fewer items to be set up than Japanese EC services.
Also, in October 2023, the payment screen was divided into three pages, but it was compiled on one page, so the payment became smoother!

Providing various settlement methods

Not only Shopify Payments, but also GooglePay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay related to SHOPIFY can be added from the SHOPIFY Payment settlement screen, so by using these settlement methods together, we will increase user options. You can lower the hurdle of purchase.
In addition, although it is an external payment, Amazon Pay, PayPay, convenience store payment, etc. can be introduced.

Strengthening security

Security is an absolute requirement for users to trust.
The introduction of the SSL certificate is, of course, SHOPIFY, and you can enhance customer security by specifying security information on the store.

Also, SHOPIFY has acquired level 1 for PCI DSS.
PCI DSS is a world standard in the credit card industry, which is set to handle your credit card information safely, and level 1 is the same as financial institutions.

In Japan, I read in SHOPIFY -related articles that there are not many companies that have acquired the level 1 of PCI DSS, so it is surprising that this level of security can be prepared for about $ 300 a year.

I would like to have Kana Hinamo, a web director, to operate in a safe place, so I will make a proposal by pushing SHOPIFY tremendously.😊


Many elements are intertwined in the operation of the online store, and payment processing is a very important position.
I feel that Shopify Payment is supported by many store owners as a powerful tool for smoothly performing this settlement processing.
If it is a domestic service, there is a very troublesome procedure before the introduction of credit, so it is easy to introduce it immediately!

Overall evaluation of SHOPIFY Payment

The biggest attraction of Shopify Payment is its simplicity and integration.
The settlement process that is completed in the Shopify platform without introducing external payments is very useful for store owners.

In addition, the advantages of commissions and the strengths in security are also a great evaluation point.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages, such as restrictions on available countries and regions, restrictions on some industries and products, refunds and fees at the time of cancellation.

I think that it is a good idea to consider these points comprehensively, examine the products and cancellation rates you handle, and decide whether to use SHOPIFY Payment.

In my opinion, I think that SHOPIFY Payment is not suitable for those that are very expensive (500,000 to several million) and have a high cancellation rate. (Because the commission will not be refunded after the payment is confirmed when it is canceled)
Other than the above, I think SHOPIFY Payment is a very effective and many benefit payment method.

Final advice to store owners

The success of the online store depends greatly on the quality of customer experiences.
The settlement process plays a central role, and troubles and inconvenience in this part can be a major factor in impairing customer trust.

By using Shopify Payment, you can enjoy many benefits, but after fully understanding its characteristics and restrictions, optimal settings and customizations according to your business model and target customers. Is important.

Finally, if you always pursue optimization from an overall perspective of online store management, such as product quality, support, and marketing strategy, SHOPIFY will be a domestic e -commerce service. You can create a very high -level site with a high -level design and a high degree of freedom, a system and a thousands of apps.

In addition, it is highly recommended because you can operate an EC site protected by high -speed server and considerably strong security!

The person who wrote this article Kanahina

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