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[Really good server😊] For explosive rental servers for less than 1,000 yen, you can choose mixhost.

The most selected rental server MIXHOST in WordPress that 80 % use for business and monetization sitesWhat is this article about the rental server mixhost? It will be an article written from the web designer / director's point of view for those who say.

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
Everyone who saw this page

  • I hear that mixhost is a very fast server, but is it true?
  • It's cheap but is it okay?
  • What kind of people are mainly used?

I think many people are thinking about the above.
I wrote from a professional perspective why mixhost is popular.
I have been using a server called Hetemul for about 10 years,I switched the server for the first time in 10 years, with the tremendous speed of mixhost and the goodness of cospa.

Click on the banner above to move to the mixhost (mix host) official page.

[Conclusion] If you really want to blog or affiliate, personally, I personally "here is a choice"

The attraction of mixhost is not only the ultra -high -speed server environment can be used at a price of less than 1,000 yen.
I'm so attractive, so I'll summarize it below, but I'm grateful for beginners."The help of the site is very generous."

The convenience of the original SSL automatically has never been seen on other rental servers. Usually, a little operation is required from the management screen.
These considerations are also helpful for beginners. Now that site management on its own SSL is becoming essential considering SEO.
Let's take a look at the charm specifically.

The charm of mixhost (mixed host) felt from the experience of the web director

Pick up the 15 charm in bullets

Adopt Litespeed Web server that is faster than NGINX than Apache!

Data recovery is free for 14 days with automatic backup!

Unlimited free SSL certificates that are automatically set

Multi -domain, subdomain, FTP, email account unlimited

MySQL is unlimited, so it is best to operate multiple sites!

High -speed display is possible directly to the largest high -speed backbone line in Japan with 10Gbps!

Occupational rate 99.99%or more. The server rarely falls!

To Japan's first HTTP/2 & Quic to a faster SSL compatible site!

Pure SSD RAID10 configuration with high processing ability!

WordPress is super fast with a cash plug -in in cooperation with a web server!

Reliable money -back guarantee system! Rental server 30 -day money -back guarantee

The upper limit of the transfer amount is very large, and it is not a date, but it is a monthly percentage, so it is safe!

Compatible with PHP5.1 to 8.2, and different versions can be used for each site.

Install a server in Tokyo Region, which can distribute content to Japan at the highest speed

Adult site OK (quite valuable because there are few adult OK on famous servers)

Conversely, what is the weakness of mixhost?

  • Mixhost has no telephone support.

    If you really want it, mixhost may not be suitable.
    However, there are few cases of actually calling.

    Also, when do you recover when a disability is occurring? I don't think there are many clear answers even if you call.
    If you want a telephone support and assume that you are using it in a corporate,Webarena, CPI (CPI) and X server (XServer) are recommended.

[Summary] Especially recommended for such people

Although it has become longer, it can be highly recommended for the following.

  • Affiliate site that you want to earn firmly
  • Those who do not need the name recognition of major companies but want server specifications and the latest environment
  • I want to use a super explosive server for less than 1,000 yen per month
  • I want to operate the site with free SSL without troublesome processing
  • I want to easily install WordPress and various CMS
  • I want to use an easy -to -use management screen
  • When access increases, I want to use a server that can be changed to a high -ranking plan immediately

Conversely, I think that mixhost (mix host) does not fit the following.

  • Server companies are anxious if they are not super -large
  • A little server shop that allows adult sites. 。 。
  • I want to make the server fee of about 500 yen a month
  • I want you to support by phone

See the official website of mixhost

My comment is just the "touch" part, so check out the official website.
It is recommended for individuals who are looking for an ultra -high -speed server with a budget of about 1000 yen a month.

I also use it, but the display of the site is really fast and I am very satisfied.
I changed it from a fairly fast server called Hetemul, but after changing to mixhost, the display speed of the page was faster and I was surprised after a long absence.
This explosive speed is attractive to cost less than 1,000 yen per month. This server is the most recommended for affiliate sites or those who operate the site by individuals.

Thank you for your long sentence!

Click on the banner above to move to the mixhost (mix host) official page.

Free consultation on domain servers!

[Limited project] Follow the troublesome contracts of domains and servers for free!

* Only those who apply via this site can "free support"!

  • I'm worried that a domain or rental server contract is troublesome and the first time.
    Utilizing the experience of publishing more than 1,500 sites so far, we will support you in an easy -to -understand manner.
    It is also possible to follow the actual screen while sharing the actual screen in the video chat.
    Please feel free to contact us from the form below.

Specifically, we will support the following work!

  • (1) New domain acquisition
    (2) Rental server contract
    (3) Connect the domain and rental server

* Either (1) to (3) is fine, not all above.
Please contact us from the following form before the contract or from the Mixhost banner above.

The person who wrote this article Kanahina


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