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Gene Life [DIET] 42 -year -old woman tried the obesity gene test kit! I was a 〇〇 type! !

Gene Life Diet obesity gene test kit outer box

Gene Life Diet obesity gene test kit outer box

Gene Life [DIET] It is an experience of obesity gene testing!

Hello! It's Kanahana☆
For those who don't eat much, but don't lose weight.

I was a 42 -year -old woman as of 2023 as of 2023!
This time, it can be started relatively inexpensiveGenelifeI experienced "DIET".
Gene Life is a test kit that shows the trends and characteristics of genetic constitution, and the "DIET" in it is a kit specialized in obesity gene testing!

I also searched, but I will write it for those who are searching for "I tried gene testing", "word of mouth", "Gene life reputation", etc.😊

About why you purchased Gene Life "DIET"

The fact that the obesity type can be classified into four is because I was investigating on the net in advance and wanted to know which one I would hit.
If you don't know this, you don't know which factor you can get fat, so I thought it would be inefficient to diet.

Let's take a look at the four types!

Gene type diet 4 types (apples, western -style, banana type, Adam Eve type)
Image quote: Amazon

[Apple type]Tend to be fat with carbohydrates. Consciously reduce rice and bread.
[Western type]Tend to be fat with lipids. Rice and sweets are relatively okay to eat.
[Banana type]Tendency that muscles tend to be hard to stick. Consciously take protein and muscle training.
[Adam Eve type]There is a problem with lifestyle. Habit improvement is important.

I've lived for 42 years as a cake lover, but I am"Apple type"I predicted😊

Before the result, I will explain the flow of the Gene Life "DIET" Web application version.

Gene Life Diet obesity gene test kit interior package

If you take it out of the outer box, this package will come out.

I ordered on Amazon and arrived in about two days.

I will explain the actual test procedure.

First, fill out the questionnaire or consent form

Gene Life Diet obesity gene test kit

There is a questionnaire of what kind of illness and smoking the family are, so I will answer quietly.

I will write because there is an agreement.

The contents are relatively large, but I want to have a result quickly, so I will write without my heart.😳

The inspection kit just rubs the inside of the cheek

Gene Life Diet obesity gene test kit

Just go on the inside of the left and right cheeks about 5 times. Then dry for about 10 minutes.

If you cannot post to the post during the day, it is written to store it in the refrigerator.
I wanted the result quickly, so I went out right away😊

Then just put it in an envelope and mail it!

Put the questionnaire, consent, and inspection kit on the envelope on the attached envelope. The fee will not be charged, so let's go out as it is!

This web version requires user registration on the site

This time, I bought the type I saw on the web. This type is cheaper than mailing.
The web version needs to be "user registration" on the Gene Life website, but it is easy to register.

The flow is simple, and it is the following flow when described!

STEP 1: Registration of inspection application

STEP 2: Agreement

STEP 3: Sample collection

STEP 4: Return

STEP 5: Result reading

The time it takes for the inspection is about two to three weeks after the kit arrives in Gene Life.
After the inspection, you will be contacted by the registered email address.💕

The result of Jean Life "DIET" has arrived! What type am I?

Seven days later, an email of "Inspection Complete" arrived.

It was earlier than 2-3 weeks! Let's take a look at the results you care about!

How, I was a "Pani -type type"😣

It is a "Western type" that tends to be fat with fat.

It's not a banana type that is hard to build muscle, nor the Adam Eve type with a problem with lifestyle.

It was a "Western -style type" that is not good at decomposing lipids.

I wish I had a gene test earlier😣
It's hard to work hard without grasping the trend. 。 。
But this time, I knew what type I was, so I'll do my best from now on.😊

Yes, it will be again, but let's look at the four types again.

[Apple type]Tend to be fat with carbohydrates. Consciously reduce rice and bread.
[Western type]Tend to be fat with lipids. Rice and sweets are relatively okay to eat.
[Banana type]Tendency that muscles tend to be hard to stick. Consciously take protein and muscle training.
[Adam Eve type]There is a problem with lifestyle. Habit improvement is important.

It was useless to put up with the amount of rice while dieting! Ugugugu ...
I was not good at exercising, so I was trying to limit it with a meal, but the diet that Yanashi doesn't eat seems to be NG ...
As you can see, there should be no results. I wanted to know faster (; ∀;)

In the report of the test results, there is also a recipe book, so you can take measures against diets!

The following can be confirmed from the 16 -page report.

・ Genetic type supplement
・ About recommended meals
・ Exercise advice

In addition to this, the above -mentioned recipe book comes!
It was very helpful for me because there is a description that is an indicator of future diets, such as recipes for each type and recommended recipes.
There were also recommended stretching, so I would like to practice it right away!

However, I would like to continue a well -balanced meal and appropriate exercise without relying on the results too much. It's very difficult ...

Click here to purchase Jean Life "DIET"

I'll post the Amazon link that I purchased😊



I picked up a frequently asked question about Genesis Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Please see the official website for the latest information as it is information as of September 3, 2023.


What exactly does Gene Life "DIET" know?

You can see the "obesity type" such as what to eat to get fat. Specifically, you can see the four types of [apple type], [Western type] [banana type] [Adam Eve type].

Does the result change when you do a test?

Gene does not change because it is the same for life.
Gene information does not change for a lifetime, so the test results do not change depending on the age, physical condition, pregnancy, etc. at the time of collection.

Should I get a cold (or illness) after healing?

Genetic tests are not affected by the current physical condition because it examines the characteristics that are born. Therefore, it does not affect the test results at any time.
However, it is recommended that you take it after healing, as the possibility of being re -examined due to the effects of the oral viruses and the drugs you are taking.

How to buy an inspection kit?

In addition to Genelife's own website, it can be purchased from shopping sites such as Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, and Qoo10.
I bought it on Amazon.

What is an inspection sample?

It means that saliva or oral cells are collected with inspection equipment.
By returning this inspection sample and consent form, you can analyze the gene.

Is it easy to collect inspection samples?

it's simple!
A method of rubbing the mucous membrane inside the cheek with a dedicated cotton swab that does not involve pain or bleeding.

Is it necessary to submit a consent form?

The Inspection Application Agreement is an important document that states that you have confirmed the instructions attached to the inspection application. Customers will understand the purpose of providing genetic testing, tests, expected test results, thoughtful profits and disadvantages, and submit the examination application agreement along with the inspection samples collected by their own will. You need to do it.

I was contacted for a re -examination, but will it cost a separate cost?

If you are using DIET, you can provide a set of members required for the inspection free of charge from the Company as one time, and re -examine it without any additional requests. However, if the re -examination is more than twice, the composition required for the inspection and the cost of the re -examination will be inspected by the inspection applicant.

How is the test result data stored? ?

It is said that Genesis Healthcare Co., Ltd. will be kept strictly as follows.
In the handling of personal genetic information and personal information ( *), "Personal Information Protection Guidelines in Business Society Using Individual Initiatory Information" (formulated on December 17, 2004, formation in March 23, 2004, March 23, 2004. We comply with the voluntary standards of the Genital Information Handling Association.
Inspection samples and test results data are handled anonymously (symbolized). If an anonymized information is applicable to personal information, we are supervising appropriately so that information can be managed based on the Personal Information Protection Law.

I am under the age of 18, can I buy a genetic test kit?

no. The genetic test kit can be used only for those over 18 years old. However, GENELIFE WGS can be used even if you are under the age of 18 if you have the consent of the parent.


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